ABORTION 17-5-22

17 May 2022 07:05

ABORTION I do not know why unnecessary fuss has been created. Females/girls/women must have their SOLE RIGHT TO GO INTO ABORTION OR NOT, in no way and in no manner, the courts, social media etc. try to deal with it. It is she who knows her compulsions to get to abortion and in what circumstances. Let us not forget that each woman and society wants that to let the family grow, it is essential that children are born by mothers. It is possible that certain exploitations do happen, which compel the girl/woman to better seek abortion than to continue with initial or prolonged pregnancy and there can be occasions like the followings: 1. Rape 2. Incurable disease 3. The child when born could be diseased or handicapped 4. Mother/girl has no resources to breed and bring up the child 5. Family tensions are so enorm and alarming , that she does not and cannot afford to bear this additional burden 6. Does not want the parents and relations to know about it 7. Wants to remarry, which when a woman or girl has a child becomes very difficult to find a partner 8. Now media and courts allow such cases to be so publicized with pros and cons and most horrible, as it is, about the person/ persons concerned that whole of her/their life is lost and passes in miseries and shames. 9. Females always think that so long she remains young, healthy and beautiful, she has and is able to find a partner, and not otherwise, as child birth deforms the body of female in some manner or the other, hence she will prefer to get aborted than carry on with the birth and burden of the child. 10. Now in the present circumstances when there are so many divorces and there is no certainty about the marriage how it will continue the female prefers to get aborted than owning the burden of the child all alone. 11. Now in most of the cases thinking is developing, what is the need to have a child/children, what for and why, when the old age is covered by insurance, savings, government aids etc. it is better to live alone, not to have children and to enjoy the life so long as one can live, and if in such a thinking, if pregnancy somehow takes place, she decides better to get aborted than to own the burden of the child for no purpose at all. 12. Pregnancy demands to make sacrifice of the mother/woman/girl for a few months with regard to what to eat and not to eat, creates immobility and dependence on someone, which in the circumstances of live alone, having worst relations with the boy friend/husband etc. and even doubting the fidelality of the male, obliges the female to better go in for abortion than to continue with all restrictions, responsibilities etc. etc. Besides the above which I have tried to illustrate, there could be many circumstances which force the girl/woman to resort to abortion than adding to her present burden of life, though it is a very hard decision as each and every female wants to have a child, to satisfy her emotional love besides credibility and love in the family and society at large. IN CONCLUSION. ABORTION MUST BE LEFT TO THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE FEMALE AND LET THERE BE NO COURT DECISIONS AND RESTRICTIONS APPLIED THERETO AT ALL.