01 April 2021 01:49

ABORTION is a crime but I THINK consent and willingness of the female is essential as we do not know in what circumstances she conceived and why she opts to avoid to have a child in contrast to the wish of almost each and every mother to have a child. The circumstances could be illicit relations, unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, fear of getting married with a child when she was not married, to hide from parents, as also in belief that giving birth to a child will make her suffer for a few months and possibly deshape her body, ignorance of use of contraceptives, and there could be so many other reasons like wanting a boy on insistence of husband, family and perhaps after birth of one or more girls etc. etc. . I THINK CONSENT AND CIRCUMSTANCES OF FEMALE WHETHER MARRIED OR UNMARRIED ARE ESSENTIAL AND SOON AFTER HER RECORDED STATMENT BY DOCTOR AND BY FILING HER CONSENT THROUGH LEGAL CHANNEL SHOULD BE ENOUGH EVIDENCE OF HER CONSENT. LEGAL PROCESS SHOULD BE TAKEN TO LADY JUDGE AND ACCEPTED IN 1ST APPEARANCE AND/OR THROUGH HER ADVOCATE.