25 February 2021 12:22

ADOLESCENCE IS A CRITICAL AGE WHICH NEEDS LOT OF CARE IN LISTENING AND GUIDANCE. It is an age when each whether or girl get into 1. body change 2. commencement of puberty 3. personality make-up 4. relationship of boy and girl 5. neglect of studies 6. indulging in dreams and illusions 7. deception in relationship 8. fights in colleagues for and against one or the other 9. challenge more and obedience less, 8. indulging in bad company 9. being induced to bad habits and character by drug sellers, restaurators, bad characters etc. etc. THIS IS THE STAGE WHEN PARENTS ARE REQUIRED TO EXTREMELY VIGILANT ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN IN THEIR BEHAVIOUR, MOVEMENTS AND ACTIONS. .. Question arises how the parents should handle their children in such a sitatuation. Essentials: 1. to get conscious that their child is getting into adolescent age, when he/she will come across and face unexpected changes in his/her body, relationships, mis-guidance etc. etc. 2. to observe the behaviour and activities of the adolescent child 3. recall their experience when they were adolescent what happened and how they faced those unexpected situations 4. despite all occupations, stress and strains, must find some time totally free, possibly to meet his/her teachers, get their feedback, watch and observe changes in behaviour, mood and actions of the child 5. discuss amongst them as to who will take the charge to talk to the child, if it is girl, perhaps handling by mother will be better and if the child is a boy, the father will be in a better position to handle his boy 6. must ensure that both have one voice and allow either of them handle the situation by his/her methods and thinking,with no interference from the other side, EXCEPT DISCUSSIONS AMONGST THEM OF EACH ONE'S EXPERIENCE AND WHAT FURTHER ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN ETC. ETC. 7. MOST IMPORTANT, DO ENSURE TO LISTEN, LISTEN IN PATIENCE, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION AND/OR WITHOUT SHOWING ANGER, INSTEAD MUST REMAIN PEACEFUL AND CALM TO ENCOURAGE THE CHILD TO SAY/DIVULGE WHAT HE OR SHE WANTS TO SAY WITHOUT ANY FEAR OR REGRETS,8. After having listened to what the child wanted to say and/or was persuaded to say to the father or mother who is handling the situation, must convey to the child, that such things are normal and that he/she in his/her adolescent age also have also faced such situations and have successfully come out of those. 9. Hence do not feel guilty as to what has happened, think of what can be done now and how we as parents can help you to come out of such situations/association so that you embark upon and concentrate on your future, what you dream at and want to be in the near future. 10. also encourage the child to pronounce what are his/her dreams and to assure that we as parents are always there to do our best to fulfill your dreams. I hope and believe that with the aforesaid steps/actions the parents will be able to get the child out of his/her adolescent errors. tks