24 September 2019 12:30

ADULTHOOD -2- SUPPLEMENT; Adult is one who: 1. takes decisions by himself/herself based on one's own views. 2. owns responsibilities himself/herself 3. does his/her own earning 4. is capable to distinguish between good or bad 5. discusses, understands and decides on what is right and what is wrong. 6. learns to face and change life to his/her own choice. 7. decides about marriage by his/her liking, when,where and with whom to marry, consultations and views excepted. 8. learns and executes parenthood responsibilities 9. believes and stands committed to whatever he/she was to learn is over and now he/she is to sail alone and when married, to sail together. 10.learns and prepares in what manner to carve out his/her course of action. 11. learns and gets ready to cope with society, relations, colleagues, neighbours, beliefs, viewpoints, criticism etc. 12. there could be many more, in short it is essential that he/she believes in himself/herself as adult and takes decisions according, fully aware of consequences and is prepared to own responsibilities thereof. tks.