28 February 2021 01:26

ADULTHOOD: what does it mean, many do not know, fail to act, hence many face problems in life especially in marriage relationship. ANSWER. adulthood means that one is grown up enough to take decisions in life by oneself and to one's liking. HOWEVER it does not mean one may not take views of family, friends, relations etc of confidence, it is better but not obligatory. consultation is a choice but not an obligation. consultation needs to be taken when one oneself is unable to take decision or wants to profound one's idea/views etc. CAUTION. to relent often on consultation could slow the decision as also get one inclined NOT TO TAKE DECISION BY ONESELF ALONE. Further besides depending on others, one tends to blame others if the decision goes wrong, which in general is the case. IN MARRIAGE FEUDS I FIND THAT HUSBAND MOSTLY DEPENDS ON FAMILY AND FAILS TO TAKE DECISION BY HIMSELF WHICH I THINK IS THE START OF DISAGREEMENT/CONFLICT IN MARRIED RELATIONSHIP. .. conclusion. WHEN ONE GETS ADULT, ONE MUST CONFIDE IN ONESELF AND LEARN TO TAKE DECISIONS BY ONESELF which will help him/her to lead life better, happy in general, and will help him/her to make progress in life and be successful generally in all spheres of life including married life. tks