23 September 2019 05:34

ADULTHOOD AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN; 1. when it starts: it starts when one goes to college, gets to job etc. Age also is an accepted fact, physique and constitution of a person develop to maturity. Desires to get associated in the company of opposite gender ignites. One develops one's own views, habits and manners unhindered as one wants. Develops confidence to move on one's own and express oneself almost equal to elders in equality almost. THEN WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF ADULTHOOD;a. self confidence b. belief that one has grown up to adulthood and has the right to express oneself without any fear etc. c. to live, express, to decide choice of job and to associate as one wants without any interference from family and outside. d. take independent decisions as per one's liking. e. wear and how to look like as one wants etc. etc. DO YOU THINK EVERYONE GETS ADULT; by physique, yes but in behaviour and decision taking capacity by oneself, I doubt and feel that many fail to what is expected of adulthood. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THOSE WHO BEHAVE AND ACT AS ADULT AND THOSE WHO NOT. Those who really feel adult act with confidence, take decisions by themselves whether these relate to: a. job b. marriage c. how to manage cordial relationship with wife/husband, family, in-laws etc. d. to own responsibilities for decisions taken and consequences thereof e. how and when to develop relationship with whom and when as also to disown etc. etc. HOW TO DEFINE NOT ADULTS; though by age one gets adult and is accepted by law as adult, but in action and behaviour one almost remains like a child, depends for all actions, behaviour and decisions on others. such persons live life in passiveness and move on as they are counselled by others maybe by family, persons of trust and confidence and always fear to take decisions by themselves, INDEPENDENCE - the feeling or the idea never exists with them. WHY IT IS SO THAT THOSE WHO ARE ADULT BY AGE BUT ARE NOT ADULT MENTALLY; Reasons seem to be: a. dominating father b. bad experience/failures by decisions taken independently c. natural personality d. disturbed family life e. rebuked and ridiculed by friends and foes etc. etc. ESSENTIAL; NATURALLY ONE IS TO GROW ADULT, ONE MUST LEARN TO TAKE DECISIONS INDEPENDENTLY AND OWN RESPONSIBILITIES, DISCUSSIONS AND CONSULTATIONS ARE OF COURSE NOT RULED OUT. tks