11 July 2019 04:25

AFTER MARRIAGE, CONFLICTS AND FIGHTS WHY; 4th reason:(a) LACK OF PRIOR GUIDANCE BY PARENTS (b) how and under conditions both the husband and wife were brought up, maybe there were conflicts and fights in the parents, the habits and conduct of the child were ignored and tolerated by family of either or both husband and wife, (c) lot of difference between the status of 2 families (d) hopes and expectations variant with each other etc. etc. (e) have both or either of them been brought in a micro or joint family, for a girl coming from joint family, comparatively becomes easier to adjust (f) working and non-working wife, for non-working wife it gets comparatively more difficult to adjust as she has not much to do at house in the company of members of the in-laws family, chances remain to get into difference of views, behaviour and criticism about her family by the members of in-laws etc. etc. while for the working girl it gets easier as she is independent earner, husband and wife are at liberty to meet outside the house, spend pastime to discuss problems if any and stress of the day etc. etc. and also dependence of the wife on the members of in-laws to take care of the household requirements etc. etc. (g) ladies are generally in the habit of talking on and/about families, wear, upkeep of the house, any and every issue which has no significance but which do create criticism,disliking, conflicts, fights etc. (i) husband not finding much time to spend with the wife and remaining in stress of work, and/or prefer to remain in the company of his own family and/or avoids the wife etc. etc. These and so many other reasons, relevant or irrelevant do come up and create conflict. When one does not like someone, there is no end to rake up criticism, conflicts and fights. ....... in the next write-up, I shall cover the ANSWERS; tks