05 March 2020 11:26

ANGER; IS IT ESSENTIAL TO REAP RESULTS? perhaps yes in rare case but in general IT IS MORE HARMFUL THAN GAIN. .... when someone is in younger age , when someone is helpless, when one is weak physically, mentally, financially etc. Thus one accepts under compulsion. in helplessness , in respect and in certain cases by realisation that by retaliation or replying back in anger will bring no good while the one who is in anger and is intending to provoke the other one and/or feels that anger is the best way to bring the other person to accept and obey what is desired. UNFORTUNATELY THE ONE WHO GETS INTO ANGER DOES NOT REALISE THAT ANGER WILL AFFECT HIS/HER BODY, MOOD, CAPACITY TO WORK AND MOST IMPORTANT DOES NOT REALISE THAT BY EXPLAINING AND PERSUADING COULD BRING THE SAME DESIRED OR BETTER RESULTS. ALSO DOES NOT REALISE THAT THE OTHER PERSON WOULD ALSO GET INTO ANGER AND THAT SITUATION COULD AGGRAVATE ETC.ETC... how and why anger develops: 1. due to bent up adverse feelings 2. due to repetitive mistakes, disobedience or carelessness etc.3. bound by rules and regulations, social compulsions, etc. etc. to put in writing etc. and to vent out his/her frustration, finds sole and easy answer to get into anger 4. being hurt in respect or in injury of all sorts 5. reprimanded by superiors etc. 5. annoyed to himself in frustration, in family affairs, in failures, in relationships etc. etc.6. there could be so many other reasons as well. WHAT IS REQUIRED IN ANSWER IS. 1. consciousness and self-realisation that ANGER WILL AFFECT HIM/HER MORE THAN THE OTHER ONE 2. does not believe in explaining and persuading in belief that it will AFFECT HIS/HER AUTHORITY 3. believes that the other person is totally hard headed and except by anger, nothing else will correct the other person and bring the desired results. IN NUTSHELL, I believe, IT IS HIS/HER WRONG PERCEPTION AND/OR PERHAPS IGNORANCE THAT ANGER/ INJURY RETALIATES, BRINGS IN MORE WOUNDS WHILE LISTENING TO REASONS, COMMUNICATING AND EXPLAINING IN THE MANNER AND IN WORDS WHICH OTHER PERSON CAN WELL UNDERSTAND, PERSUASION WITH EXAMPLES AND WHAT BENEFITS THE OTHER PERSON WILL DERIVE TO HIMSELF/HER etc. etc., WILL BRING IN THE DESIRED RESULTS BETTER AND ENCOURAGE HARMONY/RESPECT IN RELATIONSHIP. TKS