06 December 2020 12:32

ADAPTABILITY IS ESSENTIAL TO CHANGE ONESELF IN HABITS, ATTITUDES, MODES OF LIFE ETC. AS EACH EMERGING SITUATION DEMANDS. AS TIME CHANGES, AS SUCH OUR VERSION AND VISION ABOUT GOOD OR BAD ALSO CHANGES: in my childhood a drop of whisky was extremely bad, i won't categorise it criminal, but now we take one or at the most 2 pegs as a means of socialising and for relaxation. (2) we went some time to hear songs and see dances by dancers but now it is essential that our daughters, sons and even small children must know dancing. (3) same has become essential for swimming. (4) taking stake was never imagined, but now in almost the entire world except for muslim countries and muslim folk, stake is taken as a routine food. My experience shows that as our children went to school in Paris, started eating in canteen, stake was interpreted by us as not that of cows from and in India, but from cows in Europe and took it as a necessity for taste, custom and as a essential in winter in general. HENCE AS THE TIME CHANGES, OUR HABITS AND ATTITUDES ALSO CHANGE TO SUIT THE NEEDS, CUSTOMS, INVOKED AND PROVOKED BY SOCIAL MEDIAS AS ALSO BY OUR DAILY LIFE TO MAKE IT CONVENIENT, WORKABLE AND ACCEPTED IN SOCIAL LIFE, BESIDES COMPULSION BY LAWS AND REGULATIONS OF THE COUNTRY WE LIVE IN AND TRAVEL AROUND. ... THUS CHANGE IS A NECESSITY AND MOSTLY WE TERM GOOD OR BAD IN CONTEXT OF THE GENERATION WE LIVE IN, THE STATUS WE ARE HOLDING, THE NECESSITIES IN OUR NEEDS AND DEALINGS ETC. ETC. ... conclusion. CHANGE IS A MUST, WE MUST EVOLVE TO CHANGE, GOOD OR BAD IS TUNED TO OUR CONSCIENCE, OUR BELIEFS, LAWS AND REGULATIONS, OUR ATTITUDES AND MANNERS TO LEAD A SOCIAL LIFE WHICH IS ACCEPTABLE TO ALL THOSE WE DEAL WITH, GET IN TOUCH WITH, COMMUNITY AND SOCIETY AT LARGE, not to hurt others remains the main objective as also to ensure that it does not hurt our health and family life. tks