01 September 2020 04:42

BELIEF NEEDS NO QUESTIONING. That is why those who are poor, illiterates, made or compelled to live in the conditions they are born, are the most followers of BELIEF and are exploited, if not, become the staunch followers and BELIEVERS IN DESTINY. Then weaknesses and fears, that is how the main attempt of the SO-CALLED PRIESTS are directed towards the women folk who in turn drag the menfolk, who to get influenced and follow such priests as PRONOUNCED BY THEM, and as such learn JUST TO BELIEVE THE PRIEST AS A MESSENGER OF GOD AND NEVER TO QUESTION HIS VERDICT/COMMAND . AND INSTEAD OBEY AND OBEY AS ONE LEARNS TO OBEY GOD IN WHATEVER CONDITION ONE IS BORN OR MADE TO BELIEVE IN ONE'S FATE.. I FEEL BELIEVE IN GOD, YOUR BRAIN AND CONSCIENCE, WE ALL ARE SOCIAL BEINGS AND AS SUCH NEED TO LIVE IN HARMONY WITH EACH OTHER AND AS SUCH USE THE BRAIN AND CONSCIENCE AS WE LIKE, BELIVE AND FEEL CONVINCED. tks