29 November 2020 09:17

JUST AN IDEA - IS BELLY ESSENTIAL. -MUJHAI YEH KHYAL AYA -HOTA NAN AGAR INSAN KA PAIT HEE -TO KIYA HOTA, SOCHTA HOON MEIN -AUR KUCHH KEH BHEE DETA HOON MEIN -NAN LALICH HOTA AUR NAN HEE JHAGRAI BHEE -AUR HOTAI BHEE KABHEE -TO NIPAT JATAI YEH CHAND SECONDS MAIN HEE -HOTEE ZAROORAT BAHUT KAM -AUR NAN HOTEE FASHION KAPROON KEE ZAROORAT -INSAN NAN KARTA ITNI MEHNAT BHEE -AUR NO HOTA PRESHAN BHEE -PYAR KARTA AUR PYAR LAITA BHEE -EK DOOSRAI SAI HAR VAKAT -LARAYEE KA NAMON NISHAN -HOTA HEE NAHIN -KARTA NAN HAR INSAN MUSHAKAT ITNI -HAR INSAN REHTA KHUSH HAR PARKAR SAI HEE -BAS AB YEH SAB DEKH KAR -PRABHU BHEE HOTAI KHUSH BAHUT -SAB INSANON KO IKATHAI REHTAI HUAI PYAR MAIN AUR KHUSHEE MAIN BHEE -MIT JATA TAB YEH ATA JATA AVAGAMAN -JANAM KAI BAD JANAM LAINAI KEE AVASHKTA HOTEE HEE NAHIN -BAS NO MARNA HOTA NAN RONA HEE KABHEE -BAS KIYA KAHOON MEIN AB AP SAB KO HEE -ISS SOCH MAIN DOOSRA VICHAR AYA HAI MUJHAI -YEH TO MUMKIN HOGA NAHIN KABHEE -HAR CHEEZ JO HOTEE HAI PAIDA AUR HAR INSAN BHEE -VOH BAREE HOTEE HAI ZAROOR AUR INSAN BHEE -AUR EK NAN EK DIN KHATAM HO JATEE HAI ZAROOR -BAS AGAR PAIT HOTA NAHIN AUR INSAN KUCHH KHATA HEE NAHIN -TO INSAN BARA HOTA HEE NAHIN KABHEE -IS MAIN KOYEE SHAK TO HAI HEE NAHIN -HAR INSAN, PRINDAI PANKHEE, HAR PARKAR KAI JANWAR KAI PAIT TO LAGAI HAIN HEE AUR HAIN ZAROORI BHEE -IN SAB KO BARA HONAI KAI LIYAI -AUR BUHRAI HO KAR -KHATAM HO JANA BHEE HAI ZAROORI -HAI ISLIYAI PAIT KA HONA SAB KAI LIYAI HEE -PRANTU NAN SIRF INSAN KAI LIYAI HEE -YEH HAS ZAROORI PERON KAI LIYAI BHEE -INKA PHALNAI AUR PHOOLNAI KAI LIYAI BHEE -PANI AUR ACHHEE KHAD DENA HAI ZAROORI HEE -SHAYAD IS LIYAI PRABHU NAIN SAMJHA YEH ZAROORIE -KEH HAR INSAN PANKHEE PRINDON JANVARON KO BHEE -PAIT LAGANA HAI ZAROORIE ZINDA REHNAI KAI LIYAI AUR JEEVAN BETANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -PAIT KA HONA HAI ZAROORIE HAR PARKAR SAI HEE -BAS HEY PAIT HEE HAI JO KARATA HAI HUMSAI MEHNAT AUR MUSHAKAT BHEE -ZINDGEE JEENAI KAI LIYAI AUR JEEVAN ACHHEE TERAH BEETAI KAI LIYAI HEE. Conclusion: jab jeevan hai, to pait laga rahaiga zaroor aur jab pait laga rahaiga, yeh rahaiga zaroorie har parkar sai hee, achha khana, achha pehnan aur achee terah sai rehna bhee, .......................................................................... I just had a though, had one not got the belly, what would have happened then. I believe there would have been no greed, and no fights, and if ever these happened, these will be forgotten soon in few seconds. No wonder, one would have very little requirements for living and as such there would be no urge to have spacious houses nor any urge to wear fashion garments. Hence there will be need to struggle hard nor remain worried all the time. Instead man will be living contented, happy, enjoy love by give and take with each other. Fights and frictions will exist no more either. No wonder, then God will be pleased to see that all His creations are living peacefully and happily, Besides it is possible when there will be no belly, the drill of birth and rebirth will come to a halt, and will exist no more. But while reflecting on this, another idea came to my mind that for any and everything to grow, belly is essential part of body Not only it is essential for men and women, birds, inspects, animals etc., it is necessary for the trees as well. To ensure that tree flourish, shine and give fruits, if these are fruit trees, and if not, these are for shadow, even to these also, giving water and good fertilizers are essential. At the same time, let us not forget, that any and everything including human beings are necessarily to die one day or the other, after birth and rebirth etc. It is possible that God perceived this idea of giving belly, to let each one get born, grow, bloom, get old and then vanish away. It is also possible that God wanted to remain busy, keep full control to work out on details to allocate reward to every one based on their actions. CONCLUSION; belly is essential part of our body to be fed as best as possible, to work hard therefor, and enjoy our life as best and as happily as possible. ------------------------------------ written by vasdevloond, founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, certified for its name and logo for copy rights, to contact vasdevloond 9811943867 -