06 October 2020 02:43

IT IS A GREAT PUZZLE WHO IS THE BOSS AFTER MARRIAGE/ In general, it is the husband who generally turns out to be the BOSS (i)because of physical strength (ii) he is settled in his own house associated with his family members especially mother and father (iii) while wife shifts from her house to the house of the husband as a stranger (iv) counts on none else except her husband (iv) as she counts on her husband, as a trust, guide and well-wisher, she normally gets used to accept her husband's dictat, surrounded by his family. BUT AS THE TIME PASSES AND SHE GETS USED TO LIVE IN THE FAMILY AND WINS CONFIDENCE AND LOVE OF HER HUSBAND, she learns to exert and mostly gets accepted what she wants. To turn out as a real boss, shall depend on (i) superior IQ (ii) better inherited experience from her family (iii) how patience and wisdom she has exercised to win over the family and the husband(iv) her behaviour, advice, respect and owning responsibilities do really show up whether she could turn to be the boss with inherent and acquired qualities. However, despite these qualities of a boss, if the husband is inclined and does not shun his ego and feels that be being a man and perhaps head of the family, then he will not easily shun his ego, and herefrom is likelihood of conflicts of personalities to start, how these will continue for how long and when these will endi it is only the concerned persons can explain about and none else. ANYWAY THERE CANNOT BE TWO BOSSES, THERE HAS TO BE ONE ALONE WHICH AUGURS WELL FOR THE PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY OF THE HOUSE. Being BOSS does not mean that one is not to get into discussion and take advice etc. comments.