21 December 2019 06:14

BRIBE BENEFITS BOTH GIVER AND TAKER what stops it I think are (1) one's conscience (2) belief and conviction that bribe is criminal act of him/her which will result in bad habits, will victimise the giver, will make the taker answerable to God, possibly will set bad example for one's children, as such, such persons concentrate on working hard and put in all their energies to develop their skills, knowledge, academic qualifications, prepare for various exams and opportunities and thus better their future. In the end one finds, that such are much happier than the ones who take bribes and live a better life compared to the one's who take bribe.(3) TOP IS THE GUIDING FACTOR, in family it is the father, in business it is the owner, in politics it is the PM who is to set the moral goals, devise system and try to plug the loopholes, which unfortunately is getting corrupted at all levels in greed for money. Most important of all these is the political environment which is set in rolling and is controlled by the PM, PRESIDENT and all institutions under them function accordingly. We may not forget that all services are staffed by human beings who are clubbed together in what position they are, by religion, belief, caste, relationship etc. etc. and as such the machinery gets weakened and corruption/bribes get encouraged. HOW TO PLUG IT REMAINS A BIG QUESTION. In general hierarchy believes that I am not corrupt and as such blinds oneself to what others are doing. THIS IS WHERE ONE NEEDS TO BE VIGILANT AND FIGHT AGAINST. Results are expected and achieved not by believing that I AM HONEST BUT BY THE GROUP AND MACHINERY AS A WHOLE which shall reflect honesty and not otherwise. HENCE I WOULD SAY IT MUST START FROM THE PM WITH THE POLITICAL CLUB AND MACHINERY UNDER HIM, LISTEN TO THE VOICES OF THE PEOPLE, MEDIA ETC. GET INTO THE CAUSES AND PASS LAWS AND REGULATIONS TO PLUG LOOPHOLES, WHEREIN IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT TIME TO TIME SURPRISE CHECKS ARE DONE BY THE PM AND BY HIS TRUSTED COLLEAGUES AND HIERARCHY. tks