01 August 2019 04:44

CAN BLACK TURN INTO WHITE, mostly it is said that it can shine but can never turn white. True but in life it is not so. Life gets DARK when one loses all hopes, does not want to live any more, while it becomes WHITE AND BRIGHTENS if one gears up, pulls up from the gloom, takes to association of successful persons, get close to who are well wishers, inspire and motivate him/her, reflect on causes as to why he/she is in such a state of affairs, when after darkness of night, brightness of day comes and it is a natural phenomenon, then why one does not think likewise that these dark days will turn into bright ones not by wait, but by hope and action. NEVER BE DAUNTED EVER BY NEGATIVES WHICH TURN LIFE INTO DARK, INSTEAD ALWAYS HOPE, GET INTO ACTION, THE BUSIEST YOU REMAIN, SUCCESS WILL BECOME NATURAL AND EVERYTHING WILL LOOK PURE-MAGNIFICENT WHITE AND BRIGHT. Thus life can turn from dark to white provided one wishes for and makes efforts. tks