06 October 2021 11:53

CAN ONE REMAIN MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME. I will admit and say NO. It depends on (1) daily environments (2) attitude towards life (3) success or failures (4) company and the family one is surrounded with (5) economically well off (6) believer and actor of positive thinking and problems solver (7) believe that problems come and go, life is to live, enjoy and to remain committed and motivated to FULFILL AND ACHIEVE WHAT ONE AIMS AT (😎 learn to remain occupied in socialising, reading, writing, sight seeing, excursions, discussions, clubs, restaurants, friends etc. etc as remaining idle and/or alone will dissipate the energy and take away motivation to the least, (9) be always on the watch what to do and achieve the next, as a ceaseless and continuous habit (10) be decision maker and never shirk responsibilities (11) feel that I am the best and have all capacities, capabilities and guts to succeed in whatever I think and aim at (12) apt to listen, correct myself whensoever and wheresoever I realise that there is need for correction (13)get rid of negativity, avoid wasting time in creating or associating with those who are negative and pessimists and must not indulge in negative discussions, INSTEAD to create and develop relations with successful, open to discussion and appreciation wherever and whenever desired/necessary. IN SHORT THOSE WE ARE AND HAVE LEARNT TO REMAIN MOTIVATED, possibly may be getting some jolts and deceptions here and there, BUT DO REMEMBER THESE MOMENTS WILL BE FOR A FEW MINUTES AND THE PERSON WHO HAS LEARNT AND WANTS TO REMAIN HAPPY, WILL FIND ANSWER ALWAYS AND WILL SOON GET OVER THAT DISCOURAGING MOMENT AND SITUATION.HENCE BE MOTIVATED AND REMAIN MOTIVATED ALWAYS,DO BELIEVE YOU ARE ANSWER TO ALL PROBLEMS AND ARE MEANT FOR SUCCESS. tks