28 January 2020 09:57

ONE CAN SOLVE ALMOST ALL PROBLEMS if one is determined to find answer and solve these. The process is very simple to realise that we are the problem creator and ultimately it is we who are solve the problems. If one understands this fact, then why to create problems. However it is true some time problems crop up unexpected and in circumstances unknown as also by some known and unknown persons. In order to get over such situations and find answer, solution lies in as is envisaged hereunder; 1. to believe that there is answer to each and every problem 2. I am the problem solver and I am capable to do so 3. to remain COOL as disturbed mind remains agitated with the causes and blames and never concentrates to find answer 4. to get into the causes of the problem, how and why it happened 4. after having fully understood it, get into various options 5. look at earlier materials and decisions thereof with respect to each option 6. weigh the consequences of each option and decision proposed thereof 7. work on your experience, logic and vision 8. take cue from the successes you had in your earlier decisions 9. consult someone capable and confident if you think it is not confidential and consultation/discussion will not jaffect your interests 10 move into the answer/solution as quickly and secretly as you can. I AM SURE IF SUCH A PROCEDURE IS FOLLOWED, SUCCESS AGAINST EACH PROBLEM IS MEASURED, ONE GETS DETERMINED TO FIND SOLUTION AND THE QUICKEST POSSIBLE, ONE WILL SURELY SUCCEED IN ONE'S VENTURE, PERHAPS WITH ONE OR TWO EXCEPTIONS RELATED TO EXTERNAL HAPPENINGS AND/OR EMOTIONAL ONES. TKS