27 November 2020 01:43

LIFE NECESSITATES EVERYONE TO MAKE DECISION AS TO HOW TO LIVE ONE'S LIFE -HAI BANDAI CHALTA JA TU -YAHI HAI HAI ZINDGEE -AUR ISSI KO KEHTAI HAIN ZINDGEE BHEE -RUKNA KAHIN TU NA KABHI -VARNA DHOKAR LAG JAYAGEE TUMHAIN -GIR JAYAIGAI TU AGAR -UTHANAIN WALA NAN HOGA KOYEE TUJHAI -SOCH LAI AUR SAMAJH LAI YEH TU ZAROOR -HAI YEH DUNIYAN BEDARD -AUR BAYEEMAN BHEE HAI -TARS KA MADAA TO INSAN MAIN AB RAHA HEE NAHIN -GIR GAYA TU AGAR KABHEE -KUCHAL JAYAIGAI AUR TARAPTA RAHAIGAI TU ZAROOR -POOCHAIGA NAN KOYEE TUJHAI -TALAB TO TUJHAI LAGAI GEE ZAROOR KABHEE NAN KABHEE -PYAS KEE AUR KUCHH KHANAI KAI LIYAI BHEE -PHIR UTHNA TO PARAIGA TUJHAI ZAROOR -HAR PARKAR KEE MUSHAKAT KARTAI HUAI HEE -ACHHA HAI ISLIYA TERAI LIYAI HEE -MUSHKIL AUR MEHNAT KARNA TU SEEKH LAI AB BHEE ZAROOR -JEENAI KAI LIYAI AUR ZINDGEE SAFAL BANAI KAI LIYAI BHEE -YAD RAKHNA TU YEH HAMESHA ZAROOR -PAIDA HUAI HAIN TO JEENA PARAIGA -JEENA HAI AGAR, TO KUCHH NAN KUCHH KARNA HEE PARAIGA ZAROOR -AUR YEH BHEE SAMAJH LAI TU ZAROOR -JAAN HAI TO JAHAN HAI -VARNA KUCHH BHEE NAHIN -BAS AB MUJHAI TUJHAI KUCHH AUR TO KEHNA HEE NAHIN -AUR NAN KHUCHH REHTA HAI BAKEE TUJHAI SAMJHANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -KAREGA TU MEHNAT AGAR -TO ZINDGEE BEETA LAIGA ACHHEE TERAH ZAROOR -VARNA MAR JAYAIGA TU TARAP TARAP KAR HEE -AUR BHEE YEH SAMAJH LAI TU ZAROOR -KAREGAI MEHNAT TU AGAR -BEETA LAIGA TU ZINDGEE APNEE ACHHEE TERAH HEE -VARNA ZINDGEE TO KAT JAYAIGEE KISSI NAN KISSI TERAH SAI HEE -PACHHTATAI HUAI AUR APNEE KISMAT KO KOSTAI HUAI HEE -BAS AB FAISLA KARNA HAI TU NAIN SIRF TU NAIN HEE -BETANAYEE HAI ZINDGEE KHUSHEE MAIN YA GURBAT MAIN HEE RUL RULA KAI AUR THOKRAIN KHA KAI HEE. .................................................................... To live life, it is essential that one has to work and work hard not only to live but to live better as well. It is therefore essential to understand once for all that when one is born, one needs to decide whether one has to live one's life happily or in pittance. Needless to say and explain that life will go on good or bad, it is left to one's own choice how to live, in comforts or in miseries cursing oneself and his fate as well. One needs to understand clearly that this world has become cruel and corrupt as well, no one bothers for any one any more. Hence to live, one has to struggle oneself essentially alone and no expect as such no one to come forward to help or render service any more. In short, there is left nothing more to explain and suggest except that finally it is you and you alone who has to decide as to how to live life, by working hard or spending life as it comes about in miseries and in repentance. ..................................................................... written by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, certified for its name and logo for its copy rights, to contact: vasdevloond 9811943867