18 December 2020 11:17

COERCION WILL CERTAINLY RETORT BACK SOONER OR LATER WHILE EXPLANATION AND PERSUASION ARE EVER LASTING AND POSSIBLY CAN BRING HAPPY RELATIONSHIP ALSO. COERCION VS EXPLANATION AND PERSUASION which is better. Administration, political sets and some nations resort to coercion, hardest punitive measures to make a person realise as also force others to realise as to what will be the consequences of anything wrong done against social and administrative rules to be obeyed and implemented. In Middle East we find that even hands are cut off in public gathering to show to the gathering the consequences of non-obedience and wrong doings. IN GENERAL DESPITE THESE COERCIVE AND PUNITIVE MEASURES, THE FEAR IS GONE AND REPETITION OF AND INDULGENCE IN SAME ACTS AND EVEN MORE ARE TAKING PLACE. I have seen police escorting wrong doers to the court and it appears to me that the wrong doers take it as normal, do not feel afraid of punishment, rather feel to persist in their acts. Let me not go into the circumstances which force them to act like this, but the fact remains FEAR EXISTS NO MORE. ... In answer to this I feel IT WILL BE BETTER TO EXPLAIN WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE RULES FORMULATED HOW THESE DISCIPLINE EVERY ONE TO BEHAVE IN THAT MANNER WHICH HELPS EVERY ONE LIVE IN A REGULATED MANNER, RESTRICTS A BIT OF ONE'S FREEDOM BUT HELPS EVERY ONE TO LIVE IN PEACE AND WORK TOGETHER. As such once the concerned person understands the advantages, feels convinced, the compliance and obedience will become automatic and transform him/her into habit. HENCE EXPLANATION , UNDERSTANDING, PERSUATION AND GETTING CONVINCED ARE THE BETTER ANSWER FOR COMPLIANCE THAN PUNITIVE MEASURES AND COERSION. tks