04 December 2020 05:53

COMPETITION IS LIFE, WHETHER ONE LIKES OR DISLIKES, IT WILL STAY ON AND PROGRESS EVERY MOMENT. Those who dislike competition believe in monopoly, try all means to keep away competitors, do gain perhaps for a short time, but in the end they become helpless to competitors, who emerge and neighbour around. The experience shows competition (1) keeps one on toes and on alert to search for and bring in more and more products to beat the competitors (2) encourages ingenuity and creation (3) encourages to invest in inventions, undertake surveys to check up satisfaction of the customers and also to know what they are looking for (3) improve on the marketing systems and approaches as also on decor, so on and so forth. Hence when more and more competitors come in, it develops from few outlets to start with, into a MARKET which turns out as a hub for the customers to walk in, search and see varieties to suit their tastes, price and more and more new products pouring if not every month, every season of course. THUS WITH THIS DEVELOPMENT OF MARKET WITH VARIETY OF PRODUCTS MOSTLY IN THE SAME LINE, ENCOURAGES THE CROWD TO WALK IN AND ENABLES THE COMPETITORS TO ENCASH MORE AND MORE COMPARED TO THE TIME THEY WERE ALONE SELLING THAT PRODUCT. ...... hence Healthy Competition must be encouraged which in the end, brings in more sale and more profits, this is what I failed to do, but am now a firm believer and prouncer to encourage competition in all forms and all spheres, caution, BUT A HEALTHY ONE. HEALTHY COMPETITION IS DESIRABLE AND BENEFICIAL TO ALL AS IT HELPS TO DEVELOP AND PROGRESS TOGETHER. IT IS WRONG TO THINK IF THE COMPETITOR IS WIPED OUT OR GETS VANISHED, ONE WILL BE GETTING SHARE OF HIS COMPETITOR AS IT HAS BEEN OBSERVED THAT IN MOST CASES CUSTOMERS SHIFT AND LOOK UP FOR PLACES WHERE THEY FIND THE CHOICE TO SEE MORE AND DECIDE AS TO WHAT THEY WERE SEARCHNG FOR AND THUS DECIDE BETTER FOR THE MONEY SPENT. HENCE HEALTHY COMPETITION IS GOOD AND IT NEEDS TO BE ENCOURAGEED. tks