09 February 2021 01:15

COMPETITION IS GOOD OR BAD;: It is bad in the sense that it keeps one on the toes always and one thinks of none else except to exceed and overpass the other. If it does not happen, one feels dejected and dissipated. ANSWER: do analyse your aptitude, energy, resources, can you invest the time required, are you full of zeal to achieve, are you observant to analyse where and how your competitor fails, have you chosen your well known coach/teacher/professor/guide and have you full confidence in him or her, to ensure that your attention does not get diverted to anywhere else, you remain always in full dedication and energetic to overcome and win. WHETHER IT IS GOOD TO COMPETE; I will say yes, as it keeps you motivated always, full of energy and enthusiasm, you build up your future and wish to put your dream into action and realisation. Once achieved, it gives you satisfaction and happiness and encourages you to achieve more and more, one success encourages for the other better one and also in fear that one is not beaten by another. WHATEVER ACHIEVEMENT AND SUCCESS ONE MAY REACH IN COMPETITION, it satiates one's ego, resolve of life also to obtain prominence and applaud. Money follows, life turns a bliss provided one learns How to lead a Happy Married Life, the children and the family. Once this happens, the goal of life is achieve which ends up in HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY AND THRILLS. for more refer to Vasdevloond 981943867 Marriage Guidance New Concept Cost free