04 August 2019 04:22

CONGRESS IS IN CHAOS. LOST KARNATKA, LIKELY TO LOSE MAHARASHTRA. AMAZING 1. seniors ones are unable to take decision for the last 3 months about the President if so how one can trust they will be able to run and govern if ever came to power in the central government. 2. 2nd it is Rahaul's childish behaviour and then to insist that none from Gandhi family will participate or take to Presidentship. Once he as resigned, I think he should not pass this dictat, mother and sister are adult they can take decision by themselves. Family relations be kept at house and in personal respect but in no manner to impose his views is extremely wrong and unacceptable. 3. Like our body when it loses head when it stops taking decisions or goes mad, body becomes and is assumed/accepted headless , likewise Congress has become headless, that is the reason in this uncertainty, many of their leaders are leaving. 4. added to that Rahul has imposed on leaders to tender resignations and then CWC taking so long in taking decision, has left the states HEADLESS, if not encouraging bitterness but undoubtedly in bewilderness and turning them into warring groups, none to hear and reconcile. 5. next comes the struggle between seniors and young leaders. The is no doubt as one gets older, one may be experienced of the past and firmed up with self views and conviction, but NEVER TO FORGET YOUNGSTERS ARE THE MOTIVATION WITH AMBITIONS AND HOPE TO SHOW HOW THEY COULD CORRECT THE PAST, AND VISION ABOUT WHAT THE CHANGED CONDITIONS AND WHAT THE MASSES ESPECIALLY THE YOUNG GENERATION IS MISSING AND WANTING, SINCE THERE IS EAGERNESS AND MOTIVATION TO DO WHAT PREDECESSORS HAVE FAILED TO DO, YOUNGSTERS HAVE TURNED OUT THE BEST CHOICE THE WORLD OVER. 5. Thus there needs to be COMBINATION OF SENIORS AND YOUNGSTERS - seniors as advisors while the youngsters to give feedback to seniors and most important to turn as executors of policies and goals set by the organisation and move on with full vigours. 6. DECISION. to fill the gap of Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi is the best choice, she has already proved her capacities and agilities, she must be QUICKLY DECIDED AS THE INTERIM PRESIDENT OF THE CONGRESS,to this choice I do not think there will be any opposition criticism by BJP perhaps, let it be termed as insignificant. To fill the aspiration of the youngsters and to meet eventualities if ever these happen, Jyotiridhya Scindhia seems to be best choice to be selected as Vice Presindent to share load of the President and attend to the organisation internal matters. 6. then is cropping the issue of Sidhu and Shatrugan for holding leadership of Delhi, I think Sidhu will be the best choice, Shatrugan should concentrate on Bihar matters as that is also a crucial state. tks