23 May 2022 12:17

CONGRESS IS ON THE DOWNTURN, WHAT TO DO 22-5-22 Congress has held chintan in Udaipur to analyse and search reasons for their downfall in one state and the other and that many leaders are leaving the organization. It is essential for Congress to understand that when workers and leaders do not see any future in the organization, likewise in any business etc. many of them who feel that they are capable to find job and position anywhere outside, they leave the organization which weakens the organization and sends the worst message to the competitors and the public at large, that such and such organization has no future and it can fall any moment. Such is the condition of Congress, they lost Madhya Pradesh wherefrom they lost Scindia, one of the best spokesman and best leader, same has happened with Jhakar and so many others who have left, and quite a few are just making their mind and/or threatening to be given the position which they have been clamoring for long time, like Sachin Pilot etc. Nevetheless the Congress has taken the best step to call all the Youth Congress leaders and have enthused them to take marches with slogan of desh bachao. It is a great step to rejuvenate the youth congress and in some manner or other, to fairly compete with BJP and RSS organization and hopefully will be able to construct a solid base in each state. Further their decision to restrict 50%election ticket quota for youth upto the age of 50 years, is a welcome decision which will give lot of scope and encouragement to the young workers. One person from one family is also a good decision with except that if someone in the family put in at least 5 years in political service. This 5 years is also a good decision as those who have groomed themselves in political arena for such a long period, are not deprived of their experience and possibly to win the elections. NOW WHERE THE CONGRESS IS FAILING ARE AND WHAT MEASURE THE CONGRESS MUST TAKE IF THEY WISH TO COMPTE WITH BJP IN 2024. 1. Anyone who plans to leave, must be given chance to give reasons and explain as to why after having put in so many years of service in the organization, one is deciding to leave this organization, if today there is downward trend, tomorrow will be the win and as such do their best to invite suggestions from such persons and if someone is determined to leave, at least the Congress will know what are the reasons of personal frustration, temptation/promise by other party/parties or are there some fundamental weaknesses or hurdles created in the organization, which step could let the Congress to know the causes and take remedial measures if desired and are necessary. Perhaps still there is time, those who have not yet decided to join some other party or have not yet got chance in either, it would be wiser for the Congress to call them to know about their grievances and do their best to satisfy them and do all efforts to keep them in the organization as anyone has put in the organization certain years of service in the organization, if allowed to leave will certainly take quite a few committed workers in his/her area of influence, and will thus add to the downfall of the Congress quicker. 2. There is no consistency and continuation of struggle by the leaders for best reasons known to them: -Priyanka worked very hard at the time of election in UP and built up hope for Congress to make an honourable dent in the UP elections. Despite the fact, it could not happen, but there is no reason that all those who aligned with the Congress before and during the elections, should be left bereft and there is none to embolden them now and also for the future. Priyanka should know why it has happened, and should do all to remedy this situation Rahul has quite often been blamed that he raises very good questios to corner BJP and there are many instances, abundant ones, but these are left over and forgotten and new ones are taken up. It is possible that Rahul does not get time to pursue further as he is burdened or has to raise many questions which emerge day today and are of importance. THEN THE ANSWER lies that follow up is delegated to other leaders so that consistency remains and public at large does not forget. To bring all opposition parties to one combined Opposition is an urgent and uphill task as almost each leader in each state which are being ruled by the opposition, aspires to become the PM of the country and as it has been seen, all these are against the Congress and want to weaken the Congress by all means, besides that they find that Congress is being defeated in almost all elections one after the other, and as such are losing their effectiveness and utility to bring such opposition leaders to Congress fold. ANSWER PERHAPS LIES in (a) emulate common agenda as it exists in Maharashtra (b) to acknowledge that if it is continuing in existence, it is mostly due to experience and shrewd leader Sharad Pawar. © hence Congress without any ego, must approach Sharad Pawar to take initiative to hold discussions with all the opposition parties, know their viewpoints as to what is hindering them not to combine together to make a formidable Opposition Front, all knowing well that if they will be competing with each other, and as such they all will be reducing the chance of winning, rather more to lose for the governing party BJP to make a win. (d ) all parties must 1. Accept leadership of Sharad Pawar to take this responsibility and head the forum of all opposition parties 2 formulate a common agenda in agreement with all parties. 3 put forward the names of PM post aspirants soonest possible with condition and explanation to the each one and the public at large that after the win, he/she who will get the majority of the elected members, will be announced the PM after the election. 3. Essential that grass root must be built by all means, by all leaders, specifically chosen and given the task to build up the grass root organisation, besides the Congress youth workers, rather recognized and taken along. Possibly by all means election ticket shall necessarily be given to the one who has built up that necessary grass root to win the election. 4. To concentrate with all energy in states which Congress thinks and is likely to win. Viz. Rajasthan, must hold it by all means, Madhya Pradesh has enough chances, Himachal Pradesh is also a likely win, Gujarat after Hardik Patel exit has become a ticklish and difficult win, besides AAP also will spoil Congress chances a lot, but it is essential that Congress must concentrate all its energies from now on: (a) Possibly by putting forward common agenda of all opposition parties (b ) make all efforts to retain Hardik Patel in the party as also others who are disgruntled and are likely to leave the party. 5. In answer to the blame that hierarchy in Congress does not allow the sincere and loyal workers and leaders to be heard despite the fact that they for days continue hangering and loitering around in Congress office from one corner to the other and are never heard and/or given a chance to be heard. Scindia put the same blame, Hardik is hurling the same, and so many others. HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT SUCH AGGRIEVED PERSONS MUST BE HEARD BY ALL MEANS, WITHOUT ANY PRE- DETERMINED PREJUDICE AND ALSO THAT ALL EFFORTS ARE PUT IN TO ENSURE THAT SUCH AGGRIEVED PERSONS GET BACK SATISFIED. FURTHER CONGRESS MUST NOT FORGET THAT THE OPPOSING PARTIES INCLUDING BJP WHERE THEY FIND THE CHANCES TO THROW AWAY THE OPPOSITION PARTY GOVERNMENT, TO DEFEAT IT OR TO WEAKEN IT TO THE MOST, SHALL EXERCISE ALL THEIR INFLUENCE TO VEEN AWAY SUCH DISGRUNTLED LEADERS AND WORKERS. HENCE CONGRESS MUST DO ALL TO RETAIN THEM TO ITS ENTIRE FORCE TOGETHER AND NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO LEAVE THE CONGRESS. 6. Media: it is said that media is influenced and it also gets inclined to propagate for the party wherefrom it gets its financial resources and it is but natural that Congress will be getting lesser share as contribution and donation from the public and those business magnates who are aligned to the congress ideology, or see the future win for the congress etc and when the congress is losing elections almost in each state, then what remains the answer is the question. I think (a) must raise their voice and programmes through those social media which are pro and which proclaim to be impartial in getting news to the public etc. etc. (b) make brochures of each and every important topic which are current and are the dire need of the public at large, like unemployment, inflation, division of nation by castes, communities, religions etc. and give such brochures to the workers of the congress to get to each door and each house to distribute and if need be to explain if there are some inquiries or questions. © prepare booklets with details on each subject kept in each booth area Office of the congress to invite those interested,, give this explanatory booklet to him/her and answer to the questions put to the workers, office incharge etc. (d ) it is possible that there will be lot of criticism by media and by those who are of different ideologies and beliefs, let it not be forgotten that such criticism will open up door in the social media to explain its viewpoint on a particular subject and many others and also those who bear different ideologies will be well explained and silenced and when that will happen, there will be all the chances for the win. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 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