24 August 2021 02:12

CORRUPTION IS LIKE CANCER IT NOT ONLY CONTINUES BUT ALSO GROWS AS THE TIME PASSES SIMILAR TO CANCER WHICH CONTINUES INCREASING UNTIL COMES AN END TO LIFE. SAME IS THE CASE WITH CORRUPTION IT NEVER STOPS UNTIL LIFE COMES TO AN END. AS IN CANCER MEDICATION IS DONE TO HEAL AND RECOVER BUT MOSTLY IT CONTINUES GROWING, LIKEWISE CORRUPTION MAY ALSO GIVE SOME JOLTS TO INITIATE APOLOGIES, BUT HABIT NEVER STOPS, TEMPORARILY PERHAPS, BUT IT SHOWS UP AGAIN AND AGAIN AND COMES TO AN END WHEN THE THE LIFE END. AS WITH CANCER FEAR DEVELOPS THAT ONE CAN DIE ANY MOMENT, LIKEWISE CORRUPTION ALSO CREATES FEAR THAT ONE COULD BE CAUGHT ANY MOMENT AND PUNISHED. conclusion: please never think of corruption as it is like cancer which will end not only one's life but also of the whole family with few exceptions of course, gains will be temporary, but fear will be permanent. tks   CORRUPTION is not only of stealing money by taking advantage of the rules, but it also relates to feelings, attitude, manners behaviour, running away from commitments, deceiving oneself against one's feelings and sentiments and to remain arrogant imbued with power and prestige, to hurt others without any fault or guilt, pronouncing oneself as honest by tolerating corruption by others working with and along, changing political allegiance in disregard for the mandate given by the voters, taking sides, torturing others right or wrong under the influence of force and power, to be dishonest and disloyal and betrayal in conjugal relationship etc. etc. according to me ALL THESE ARE CORRUPTION whether expressed, or not. CONSCIENCE ALWAYS STOPS AND ENLIGHTENS THAT SOMETHING WRONG AND CORRUPT IS BEING DONE BUT MOST OF THE TIME ONE IGNORES THAT AWAKENING UNDER THE PRETEXT OF NOT INFRINGING THE RULES, DOING TO TEACH A LESSON, AS ALSO TO BELIEVE THAT I AM HONEST IN MY BEHAVIOUR AND ACTION AND AM NOT RESPONSIBLE OF WHAT OTHERS DO, OR DO AN ACT UNDER COMPULSION OF CIRCUMSTANCES AND NECESSITY. COMMENTS