15 March 2020 06:39

COULD FAILURE EVER BE ACCEPTED AS SUCCESS. In certain circumstances, I will say YES. WHEN.If one compares one's last performance with the present 2. looks to to reasons why failure happened, in what and where one was lacking, and decides to act upon 3. takes it positive, as a step to move forward. There are many examples wherein one finds that despite many failures, relentless efforts did bring in success. HENCE FAILURE, FIRSTLY IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN AND IF AT ALL, IT HAPPENS, ONE MUST LOOK INTO CAUSES, ACT UPON IN FULL DETERMINATION AND TO BUILD UP ONE'S DETERMINATION, ONE MUST GET AT LITERATURE AND BOOKS WHEREIN IT IS EXPLAINED HOW SUCH PERSONS DESPITE REPETITIVE FAILURES HAVE SUCCEEDED AND TO ARGUE IN ONESELF WHEN THEY COULD SUCCEED WHY SHOULD I NOT, AND ACT HEREAFTER IN CONVICTION TO SUCCEED, I AM SURE, HE/SHE WILL CERTAINLY FIND THAT HE/SHE IS ALSO A SUCCESS, PERHAPS IN CERTAIN CASES HE/SHE MAY EVEN SET AN EXAMPLE. tks