02 July 2021 11:05

The owner/founder of marriage bureaus and all those interested I am running marriage bureau in the name of Marriage Guidance New Concept - as a social service totally free, no charge and no gifts at any stage. As you know, growth is law of nature. As such to expand our activities for marriage which besides offering contacts which are fully studied as per desires and only those biodatas are selected which meet the desires requirements from 90 to 100%, we hold meeting of both families as also of the boy and girl, wherein the families familiarise with each other and boy and girl meet each other to decide about their approval or not. If both parties agree, then house meets are arranged. For making inquiries about the boy and girl, it is left to the full responsibility of the families concerned. Neither Marriage Guidance New Concept advises for how to engage for inquiries and also how to hold marriage, it is left to the choice of both the parties. THUS WE ENGAGE IN TO GIVE CONTACTS AND COUNSEL ABOUT THE MARRIAGE, SORT OUT DOUBTS IF ANY. 2. Our franchise arrangement will consist in 1. the franchisee will send biodatas on the form prescribed by the Marriage Guidance New Concept. 2. on receipt of biodata, Marriage Guidance New Concept will provide well analysed matches to the franchisee. 3. the franchisee will contact his client concerned and proceed in the manner as the franchisee is conducting at present. 4. the franchisee will charge his clients as at present but what amount the franchisee will be charging will be discussed with the Marriage Guidance New Concept, for their knowledge and agreement if needed. 5. On finalisation of the marriage, whatever agreed amount the franchisee will receive, the franchisee will be crediting 10% of of the amount received by the franchisee, in the account of Marriage Guidance New Concept. Pl study the proposition and let me know if interested, to enable us to meet and discuss about the modus apprendi etc. thanks vasdevloond, founder and owner of Marriage Guidance New Concept. Marriage Guidance-New Concept Marriage Guidance New Concept demonstrates (1) to analyse causes and guide how to LIVE A HAPPY MARRIED LIFE (2) make two un-known families meet & discuss