Comparison of qualities of man and woman

27 November 2017 07:54

Comparison of qualities of man and woman as also weaknesses of man and woman and how to make both compatible to avoid conflicts and turn couple life a happier one.

Man’s qualities:
     - Patient
     - Calculative
     - Reflective
     - Disciplined
     - Team builder
     - Risk taker
     - Courageous
     - Endurant

Woman’s qualities:
     - Secretive
     - Good communicator
     - Sentimental
     - Accommodative
     - Sensitive and good observer
     - Finer and refined
     - Fidel
     - Family builder

Weaknesses of man:
     - Egoistic
     - Revengeful
     - Hard core, difficult to pardon and forget
     - Aggressive
     - Lesser Fidel compared to woman.

Weakness of woman:
    - Jealous
    - Vindictive
    - Instigator
    - Talkative
    - Possessive
    - Intolerant, quick to revolt.

Advice and essentials for man: to change to become:
    - Non-provocative
    - Honest in commitment and action
    - Appreciative and accommodative
    - Fidel and honest to the core.

Advice and essentials for woman: to change to become:
    - Tolerant
    - Accommodative
    - Adaptable
    - Smiling, attractive and sexy
    - Servable and polite

If man and woman learn to concentrate and act upon above qualities, i think, married life will become pleasant, loveable and livable.
But before this, they are required to become CONSCIOUS of their weaknesses, analyses their experiences and pin-point where and how they went wrong, make efforts and watch progress at shortest intervals and try to correct those weaknesses as early as possible.

Further it is essential also to REALISE that male and female are born and meant to co-exist to meet their biological needs for sex and that inter-dependence on each other each other is a necessity. Man is known as a bread earner, protector and to be some sort of fear as also a guide for the children while woman is known as a Home Builder. None of them can live alone and even if they live alone, they do meet and enjoy the life almost in the same manner as the married ones. The only difference remains that none of such persons wants to own responsibilities, are afraid of conflicts and family disputes. However, when they reach the old age, they do realize that marriage was and is essential, besides for biological needs, for inter-dependence, progress and to pride in “mine-and thin”. When such persons get old, they do realize their unawareness of the future life, especially, in the old age, the   consequences of being alone, none to talk, none to confide in, and none to part with his/her stress and experiences.

Hence i want to Coney that life essentially needs sex and every one at certain age develops puberty and urge for sex, howsoever one may try to hide and avoid disclosing his/her urge for sex, it does manifest in all human beings, sooner or later.
One must always remember and never forget that good and bad go together and as such enjoyment of family life is essentially accompanied with owning responsibilities. Hence it is essential to be aware of qualities and weaknesses, one must do one’s best to shun those weaknesses and as such enjoy resultant benefits of married life.