19 May 2021 10:55

DAUGHTER: I have already written that DAUGHTER is natural and emotional gift for the father but that does not mean that father does not love his son(s).Love is natural for for all children. However, as parents generally feel inclined towards the son who is weaker, not ambitious, not much helpful for the family, but still parents give more attention and love for the weaker one compared to those who come up self-sufficient and/or are better off. I think the natural gender emotions and also that the daughter one day will go away and become part of another family. tend to bring father more closer to daughter as also that daughter listens to father with regard to his woes, plans, happy and bad moments and stand to advise him what the father really wishes for while father in general feels that sons possibly will criticise and maybe do not give him a patient thinking. Nature plays its own role and as such mother being an opposite gender loves the sons generally more than the daughter. Perhaps she wishes her to become perfect as she is to go some day to another unknown house and as such let her not be criticised or disliked. In conclusion, I would submit that these are NATURAL EMOTIONS AND ONE NEEDS TO ACCEPT THESE WITHOUT REFLEXION OR CRITICISM, HOWEVER THERE REMAINS A CAUTION let the sons not feel neglected or feel jealous and as for they are concerned PARENTS HAVE WEAKNESS FOR THE WEAKER ONE as they want that this weaker should also come up in life well and live a comfortable life.CAUTION; in order to avoid feeling of neglect for him or more care by parents of his weaker brother, PARENTS NEED TO EXPLAIN TO SELF-SUFFICIENT SON THAT THEY LOVE HIM NOT IN ANY MANNER LESS BUT WISH THAT HIS WEAKER BROTHER ALSO BECOMES SELF-SUFFICIENT LIKE HIM AND AS SUCH HE NEEDS TO BE TAKEN MORE CARE AND ALSO THAT HE SHOULD ADVISE HIS BROTHER AS MUCH AS HE CAN TO CREATE MOTIVATION AND MOTIVATION IN HIM. which will be the best for the growth and development of the family