19 May 2020 05:53

DECISION TAKING IS AN ART SUPPORTED BY KNOWLEDGE,, EXPERIENCE AND MOSTLY TO ASSESS ONESELF BY HIS/HER EXPERIENCE HOW MUCH SUCCESS AND PRAISES ONE HAS GENERATED BY HIS/HER DECISION. In natural urge, for success, progress, prominence, to enjoy love and peace in family, in relations, friends workplaces and at large in society, one feels it is essential to take decision. Alas many avoid this as each and every decision involves responsibility and leads to personal bias and accusations, in order not to be subjected to such behaviour, many delay decision in their belief that TIME IS A HEALING FACTOR AND THAT BY PASSAGE OF TIME ANSWER WILL RESULT IN AUTOMATICALLY AND AS SUCH THERE IS NO NEED TO GET INTO HURRY AND BE INVOLVED IN CRITICISM OF ANY SORT. ... In decision taking, the MOST DAMAGING AND INFLUENCING FACTORS ARE THE INTENT, PURPOSE AND PRE-CONCEIVED MIND MAKE-UP. Alas when such decisions are taken, THE DECISIONS DO NOT REMAIN IMPARTIAL, ACCUSATIONS ARE HURLED IN, BUT SUCH PERSONS IGNORE THESE IN THEIR BENT OF MIND THAT THEY ARE RIGHT. I think what is right or wrong depends on one's conscience and benefit to the society at large which demands shunning off personal gains, personal bias, ego, leniency towards one or the other with pre-conceived frame of mind. ALL THESE IN SHORT I WILL TERM THEM AS INTENTION, good or bad, IT INFLUENCES A LOT IN DECISION TAKING. I think, if we want to be considered IMPARTIAL AND DECISION TAKER, intent should have no place at all and it needs to be replaced by observation, experience, vision and benefit to the society at large. LET ME NOT FORGET TO MENTION THAT THOSE WHO TAKE DECISIONS, FIND SUCCESS IN LIFE AND GENERALLY FEEL SATISFIED BY THEIR DECISION TAKING CAPACITY AND BY RESULTS EMANATING THEREFROM. tks.