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15 April 2021 11:48

DELHI NEEDS TO REMAIN CLEAN; 2nd STEP: WIDEN ROAD, ELIMINATING BLOCKS, MAKE SMOOTH AND GLASSY TO ENABLE THE TRAFFIC MOVE SMOOTHLY; QUESTION ARISES; HOW. some possible answers: 1. Parking. to provide underground parking in each residential area, parks small or big already exist, to convert these into underground parking so that ground remains and is maintained as park while underground is used for parking.(2) start a pilot unit, remove all cars, bikes parked on road, streets etc, compel the residents to park their cars etc in the underground parking as otherwise these will be hauled up and taken away, ensure that these are constructed out of the funds to be provided by the state government, municipal corporation concerned, RWA with residents participation and such the monthly charges to kept to the minimum perhaps equivalent to MAINTENANCE and not profit, control of these underground parking be given to the RWAs with controlling power with the municipal corporation and the state government in case there are complaints. (3) once underground parkings are provided, STRICT RULES AND IMPLEMENTATION BE IMPOSED to convince and habituToated the road travelers to keep their vehicle in the underground parking. CLEARING OF IMPEDIMENTS/BLOCKAGES: traffic is affected by PAVEMENT SHOPS etc. (b) by trees within the roads (3) indiscriminate road blocks (c) lack of proper maintenance of roads resulting in water logging during rains, broken roads, neglecting sewage etc. HOW TO DO ALL THIS especially clearing shops on the pavements by shopkeepers, electricity boards by installing electric poles in the middle of the pavements, planting of trees on the pavements, installing hoardings, installing temporary huts/stalls etc. I shall be addressing separately each of these one by one with solutions.Today I shall end up with only pointing out some problems. tks   DELHI NEEDS TO REMAIN CLEAN; 3rd step; TO WIDEN ROADS AND CLEAR THESE OF ALL SORTS OF OBSTACLES: ...At present, pavements are covered by shops, trees are implanted, electric poles are installed, road blocks are raised as high as the RWA or other unauthroised associations, individuals wish to install anywhere and everywhere, trees in between the roads, temples if existed before widening the road continue in between as Green Tribunal does not allow to cut these. ANSWER: i wonder whether PUBLIC SAFETY IS MORE IMPORTANT OR THE SAFETY OF THE TREES. In public interest, Green Tribunal should have no say, no sowing of 10 trees to cut one, no temples if these exist before or after widening the road. FOR PUBLIC SAFETY I think law provides to leave about 100 metres of land free without any obstructions or constructions and when this law has been breached or land not left or usurped, all stock-holders like administration, municipal corporation, police and political machinery are all responsible. Now as it exists, HOW TO CLEAR THESE IS THE QUESTION: impose law by uprooting so-called law breakers is not the answer. I think like Metro it is essential to remove all shops, poles, plants and all obstacles if any and to do this, the government must claim 100 metres of land, build double storey shops alone and/or with participation of shopkeepers at the end of 100 metres from the road, green tribunal shall have no say for the sake of PUBLIC SAFETY, electric poles be removed to install cable without electric poles and are replaced to the end of 100 metres from the road. Once this space of 100 metres from the roads is acquired, then can start to plan widening of roads and provide pavements for the passersby, lanes for bikes, earmarking roads for slow moving vehicles on the left, normal moving in the middle and fast moving on the right, etc. etc. If this is done, road blocks are allowed as indicators and only at places where there is frequent passage of children, residents of the naighbouring areas etc while keeping installation of over bridges for residents priority tks DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEARN. 4step GARBAGE; it is not shabby, health hazard, horrible to look at, pass by and worst to live nearby and/or stand by. Our adminstration whether state or corporations, have devised to construct garbage rooms on the pavements ignoring the fact as to how much these will affect the passersby, leaving open grounds where we see garbage of all sorts as food ground for pigs, cows, birds, mosquitos etc. and see these abandoned to let these grow, pollute the air and also to allow those living nearby and passersby to put all garbage, chewing empty packets, plastic bags, cigarettes ends etc. etc . We all as citizens and officials become careless and take such dumps as routines and left over as incurable and many a time the administration contents itself by blaming the public and their incurable habits. THEN WHAT IS THE ANSWER, I feel inclined to reflect and advance some solutions. (1) instead of these garbage rooms, open grounds, DUST BINS, small and big depending on the traffic and amount of garbage envisaged to cumulate from the area etc be kept along road edges, on open grounds and in residential areas. (2) SEPARATE GARBAGE BINS to be provided which allow the dry stuff like plastics, bottles, tins etc to be put in one sort of dust bins while the fluid ones in the other and so on, moreso as DEVISED BY THE GARBAGE ADMINISTRATION. (3) HABITUATE PUBLIC to put garbage and throw-aways in these dust bins DURING THE DAY AND BY LATE EVENING to enable the GARBAGE PICK LABOUR to clear these in early morning. (4) SPECIAL TRUCKS NEED TO BE PROCURED BY THE ADMINISTRATION which are convenient to lift the garbage dust bins (5) GARBAGE PICK LABOUR are ordained and duty defined to clear the dust bins from the areas specified to each of them EARLY MORNING BEFORE the traffic for school going children starts (6) RWA ARE MADE RESPONSIBLE TO GET THE EMPTIED DUST BINS FROM ROAD SIDE TO THE AREA SPECIFIED TO STORE THE DUST BINS AND IN THE MORNING TO TAKE THESE OUT AND PUT ON THE ROAD FOR THE GARBAGE TRUCKS TO EMPTY THESE DUST BINS, such a system is proposed for residential areas while for big buildings their maintenance staff is specified this job to do. (7) PUNISHMENT AND PENALTIES on all those who do not care for such discipline, in general we find, urinating against the wall, hidden grounds, spitting and throwing all eaten left overs and wrapped materials etc. etc. (8) GARBAGE DUMPING GROUNDS MUST BE SPECIFIED MUCH AWAY FROM THE INHABITATED AREAS, WHICH ARE COVERED, WITH FACILITIES FOR SAGREGATIONS AND BURNING, FITTING WITH HIGH CHIMNEYS AND SMOKELESS FILTERS. caution: garbage pick in open trucks must be avoided as we observe that at least half of the garbage falls down on the roads and the such garbage pickers feel content that they are doing their job properly. tks   DELHI NEEDS TO BE CLEAN. 5th step: POLLUTION.what is meant by pollution and what are the causes and what are possible solutions. POLLUTION means air is made dirty, dangerous to breathe, it affects lungs and causes many diseases. CAUSES WHICH ENCOURAGE TO POLLUTE AIR live with it due to paucity of accommodation and/or find sure earning because of frequent and heavy traffic. OBSERVATIONS: garbage dumped everywhere, due to heavy stoppage cars, bikes, 3-wheelers, trucks etc. at red lights, passersby, road blocks, resulting in slowing or stopping traffic smoke emissions, burning of paddy straws in the state and in neighbouring aeas, brick kilns, electric generation plants run by coal, dumping and throwing of leftovers and garbage anywhere and wherever, ill or non-maintenance of toilets as also non-existence of toilets, shortage or low supply of water causing dirtiness in human beings, in houses, roads and in the vicinity, defacation, urinating and spitting in open, burning of leaves, leftovers, wood, charcoal etc. especially in winter etc., dust caused through builders, construction contractors, sweepers, excavangers etc. etc.     DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN; 7th step: POPULATION; it increases inside but more it affects from outside.Why from outside. It is to seek higher education, attempt for more and better jobs, see more openings,enjoy better facilities and comforts and as such to increase better standard of living and to better future for their children. INSIDE growth of population I do not think it will increase, economic strains and consciousness to give children the best education and bring them up as best as one can, is and shall enforce the parents to have one or maximum 2 children and no more. QUESTION ARISES HOW TO STOP INFLUX OF PEOPLE COMING TO CAPITAL - DELHI ? To me answer seems to be (1) create satellite cities around the CAPITAl, with all and in fact the best infrastructure, public facilities, administration, judiciary, schools, colleges etc. as best as these enable the residents of that satellite to enjoy those facilities in the satellite itself and are as such dissuaded to come to Delhi as a capital. THE MORE AMD MORE AMENITIES AND CAREER BUILDING OPPORTUNITIES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THESE SATELLITES, THE LESSER WILL BE THE DESIRE TO MOVE TO DELHI AS A CAPITAL. one will say that satellites like Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad have come up but when we see in reality, these are not self contained, the residents there have to rush to different satellites and DELHI to look up for better jobs, education, business etc. etc. HENCE A LOT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO DEVELOP THESE AS SELF CONTAINED CITIES and also to make a move to develop such cities beyond these and encourage those living in those far off cities and villages to come to those cities to find jobs, education, business and so on. THUS THE CHAIN WILL BE BUILT UP OF BIGGER, SMALLER AND VILLAGES self contained in themselves. WE MUST REMEMBER IF ONE GETS LESSER INCOME AT HOME, HE/SHE PREFERS TO REMAIN IN IN ONE'S OWN VILLAGE, TOWN ETC. TO BE WITH ONE'S FAMILY, ENVIRONMENTS, SOCIAL CIRCLES ETC. ETC. tks   DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN; 8th step: FIRE SAFETY; to my knowledge, Fire Department prescribes and insists that in order to get NOC it is essential to give to them

sanctioned plan of the building and underground tank of certain specifications. AS MOST OF THE BUILDINGS HAVE ADDED SOME PORTIONS OR EXTENDED SOME PORTIONS WHICH ARE TREATED AS VIOLATION OF SANCTIONED PLAN AND AS SUCH REQUEST FOR NOC EVEN IF ALL OTHER NORMS ARE BEING MET, IS REFUSED. I do not know why and how it became essential to submit sanction plan of the building and what it has to do with public fire safety. TO ENSURE THAT EACH AND EVERY RESIDENT ABIDES BY SAFETY NORMS, WHICH IS ESSENTIAL FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, the rules of the FIRE DEPARTMENT need to be simplified. THERE NEEDN'T BE ANY REQUIREMENT OF SANCTION PLAN AND UNDERGROUND TANK. At present fire norms are being imposed and adhered to as also complied with are the new high storey buildings and all the old residential, small commercial shops and industrial buildings continue functioning without installation of any sort of fire appliances. I think in residential and small shops, fire extinguishers AS PER SPACE are made compulsory and ensured by Fire Department through inspections etc. that these are installed by the occupants and as for underground tank is concerned, as the Fire Department is concerned that water is stored to be used when fire takes place, they must ALLOW THE SAME TANK(s) TO BE USED FOR WATER AND FIRE PURPOSES IRRESPECTIVE OF THE FACT WHETHER IT IS INSTALLED ON THE ROOF OR ON THE GROUND. As we see, gradually and gradually bike riders have got to used to helmets and that the helmet rules breakers are punished, which number is very little, in the same manner FIRE DEPARTMENT MUST ENSURE THAT EACH AND EVERY HOUSE, BUILDING, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL UNITS ARE EQUIPPED WITH FIRE INSTALLATIONS. In order to avoid obstacles on way, in streets and in bye-lanes, I had suggested construction of underground parkings in the area and in vicinity. IF EXECUTED AND IMPLEMENTED IN THE MANNER SUGGESTED, I think fire hazards could be avoid a lot. tks
DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN; Young children from villages and agriculturists are moving to cities, especially to Delhi to find jobs. This is happening as the children are getting educated, agriculture is not remunerative, due to division of agricultural land between family children, the small areas of land is not worth and viable. Hence their children do feel compelled to get to cities, especially Delhi to get the job. HOW TO HALT THIS MOVEMENT NEEDS AN ANSWER. TO answer, I think, it is essential that agricultural land is made (1) more productive (2) small parcels of land be grouped through cooperatives or by neighbouring agriculturists to come together and cultivate the land together, working on division of labour , pooling their resources, getting aids and subsidies from the government under their various schemes etc. etc. (3) government must through research etc. provide seeds for better production, suggest means how to increase productivity, when to sow more profitable cultivation etc.etc. (4) government to provide free or with subsidies cultivation tools and machineries (5) in the vicinity to open up small mandis to enable the agriculturists to sell their crop and also (5) provide skilled labour institutes to enable the children of the agriculturists to get skilled to repair the machinery and tools which are mostly used in cultivation, for animal giving milk or not and/or used for transport etc. their trollies, trucks etc. (6) government also to provide insurance and NAREGA and also assure minimum sale price of various crops, to cover the cost of production and what is minimum and if not more, to allow the agriculturists togetting live a normal and a bit comfortable life and also if the crops could not be sold at that price by the mandis, merchants etc. then the government must buy at the prescribed price as suggested above. Insurance I have suggested to offset the effect of shortfall of rains, water, crops damaged by storms, untimely rains, birds, insects etc. etc. I think if agriculture which is MOST ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY ensures normal or comfortable living, the children of the agriculturists will prefer to remain in villages and I think will turn out to an INNOVATIVE FORCE as to how to increase the production of crops and how to decrease the cost to the bare minimum. .. AGRICULTURISTS GENERALLY REMAIN LOAN BURDENED, WHAT IS THE ANSWER ALSO INDUSTRIES NEED TO BE LOCATED/INSTALLED/CONSTRUCTED preferably not on cultivable land etc. I shall be attempting in the next write-ups.tks
  DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN. Street beggars and various articles sellers in the middle of the road are a big menace and risk to them, travelers on bikes, cars, taxis etc. and are also a big traffic hazard. Many a time travelers are threatened and in fear keep the windows of their cars etc. closed. The law forbids them but still these continue. When we see their living conditions and the dirty clothes they wear, perhaps never bathe or wash them, we do sympathise with them but in order not to encourage them and also in fear, we do not care for them, rather neglect them. Why it happens so? it is because of some influential and perhaps mafia groups that these are encouraged and are assured of their living, if earning is more, it is taken away, and if less, they ensure them to eat and live in the conditions they are. THEN WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO RAISES A QUESTION. It is said that government built houses for slum dwellers, which these slum dwellers sold off and then came back to the same areas where they have been working and living before. Why so, I think, it is because in the dwellings in and around, they couldn't get earning avenues and as such they returned to their old areas. HENCE when the government makes houses for them, the government must ensure that these persons are also provided some sorts of work facilities, in some manner to put them to work and/or encouraged by giving them skill development training etc. TRAFFIC POLICE MUST ALSO BE MADE DUTY BOUND TO CHALLAN THEM AND DISCOURAGE THEM TO CONTINUE SUCH ACTIVITIES AND GET TO SKILL INSTITUTES, SELF EARNING FACILITIES ETC. PROVIDED FOR MINIMUM PERIOD REQUIRED FOR ADAPTATION AND TILL THAT TIME, TO PROVIDE THEM AIDS AND SUBSIDIES TO LIVE AND DWELL IN THE HOUSES BUILT FOR THEM. Thus these road vendors could be got rid off and DELHI COULD BE KEPT CLEANER. Thus each step bit by bit will contribute to keep Delhi clean. tks DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN: I have pointed out various measures, if adopted, will enable a lot Delhi to be kept clean. In this context I have also suggested in my reply to certain friends in the facebook that IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT DELHI BE ALLOWED TO BE FULL FLEDGED STATE TO FUNCTION BY ITSELF ALONE AND THE CENTRE WHICH CLAIMS THAT DELHI BEING CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY NEEDS TO BE UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE CENTRE TO UPKEEP DIGNITY, SAFETY OF DIGNITARIES VISITING INDIA, PARLIAMENT, RESIDENCES OF MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT, THE PRESIDENT, PM AND CENTRAL MINISTERS, SUPREME COURT ETC. ETC. BE CARVED OUT AND TITLED AS CENTRAL ZONE TO BE CONTROLLED AND ADMINISTERED BY THE CENTRE THROUGH GOVERNOR OR LG ETC.With this Centre's interference in all important spheres, especially when at the Centre there is the government of an opposite party, as the case is today, Delhi will remain dirty in tussles between Centre and Delhi State and the residents of DELHI WILL CONTINUE SUFFERING. Hence it is essential that Delhi must be declared a FULL FLEDGED STATE AND CENTRE MAY DECIDE THE TERRITORY IT WANTS TOBE ESSENTIAL TO KEEP THE DIGNITY OF DELHI AS A CAPITAL. I believe when it will happen, Delhi will become much cleaner and their elected members will be fully responsible for their commitments made pre-election to the public. tks