DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEAN... 4th step 6-4-20

06 April 2020 12:42

DELHI NEEDS TO BE KEPT CLEARN. 4step GARBAGE; it is not shabby, health hazard, horrible to look at, pass by and worst to live nearby and/or stand by. Our adminstration whether state or corporations, have devised to construct garbage rooms on the pavements ignoring the fact as to how much these will affect the passersby, leaving open grounds where we see garbage of all sorts as food ground for pigs, cows, birds, mosquitos etc. and see these abandoned to let these grow, pollute the air and also to allow those living nearby and passersby to put all garbage, chewing empty packets, plastic bags, cigarettes ends etc. etc . We all as citizens and officials become careless and take such dumps as routines and left over as incurable and many a time the administration contents itself by blaming the public and their incurable habits. THEN WHAT IS THE ANSWER, I feel inclined to reflect and advance some solutions. (1) instead of these garbage rooms, open grounds, DUST BINS, small and big depending on the traffic and amount of garbage envisaged to cumulate from the area etc be kept along road edges, on open grounds and in residential areas. (2) SEPARATE GARBAGE BINS to be provided which allow the dry stuff like plastics, bottles, tins etc to be put in one sort of dust bins while the fluid ones in the other and so on, moreso as DEVISED BY THE GARBAGE ADMINISTRATION. (3) HABITUATE PUBLIC to put garbage and throw-aways in these dust bins DURING THE DAY AND BY LATE EVENING to enable the GARBAGE PICK LABOUR to clear these in early morning. (4) SPECIAL TRUCKS NEED TO BE PROCURED BY THE ADMINISTRATION which are convenient to lift the garbage dust bins (5) GARBAGE PICK LABOUR are ordained and duty defined to clear the dust bins from the areas specified to each of them EARLY MORNING BEFORE the traffic for school going children starts (6) RWA ARE MADE RESPONSIBLE TO GET THE EMPTIED DUST BINS FROM ROAD SIDE TO THE AREA SPECIFIED TO STORE THE DUST BINS AND IN THE MORNING TO TAKE THESE OUT AND PUT ON THE ROAD FOR THE GARBAGE TRUCKS TO EMPTY THESE DUST BINS, such a system is proposed for residential areas while for big buildings their maintenance staff is specified this job to do. (7) PUNISHMENT AND PENALTIES on all those who do not care for such discipline, in general we find, urinating against the wall, hidden grounds, spitting and throwing all eaten left overs and wrapped materials etc. etc. (8) GARBAGE DUMPING GROUNDS MUST BE SPECIFIED MUCH AWAY FROM THE INHABITATED AREAS, WHICH ARE COVERED, WITH FACILITIES FOR SAGREGATIONS AND BURNING, FITTING WITH HIGH CHIMNEYS AND SMOKELESS FILTERS. caution: garbage pick in open trucks must be avoided as we observe that at least half of the garbage falls down on the roads and the such garbage pickers feel content that they are doing their job properly.