18 November 2019 06:55

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE, 2ND SOLUTION; If after election, 2 parties emerge with highest elected representatives i.e. one more than the 2nd one and the rest remain less, then RE-ELECTION BE HELD BETWEEN THESE 2 PARTIES. As such the total votes will get divided between the 2 parties and accordingly will emerge one governing and the other opposition party. as such views of the people will be fully expressed and represented. 2. since, I feel, the parties will not be able to incur election expenses for the 2nd time, it will be PREFERABLE THAT GOVERNMENT FOOTS THE ENTIRE ELECTION EXPENSES. 3. regarding should the expenses be given by government to both the parties in proportion to their elected representation or equal. I am of the view that FUNDS SHOULD BE ALLOCATED EQUAL TO BOTH THAN IN DISPROPORTION as disproportion will disadvantage in fight and propaganda of the party with lesser elected representation. tks