15 November 2019 10:20

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE AND IT NEEDS CORRECTIONS. There is no doubt that democracy is the best institution which gives say to the people to express and elect their representative each to highlight the problems of their constituency and do his/her best to redress those grievances. Unfortunately it has turned into money power, influence, coercion, fear to be victimised, false promises, all types of promises are given at the time of election, and when elected nothing but personal interests take forefront as we are have seen in case of Haryana, Karnatka etc. Once elected at whatever mandate, changeover is quite common, mandate as such is forgotten and the electors remain helpless for 5 years till next elections comes in etc. etc.This trend has set in almost in all the countries. Besides where there are majority rules, one man show is getting common and where there is separation of powers and even where opposition are allowed under the democratic system, leg pulling continues till the term of the topmost comes to an end and as such NEITHER ALTERNATIVE IS PREPARED NOR SMOOTH WORKING OF THE TOP MOST IS ALLOWED, INSTEAD ALL EFFORTS ARE DIRECTED TO DISCOURAGE THAN ENCOURAGE. This has become a vicious circle and democracies have turned into mockery to exploit the poor and win elections by hook or crook. AS I SAID EARLIER THAT EACH PROBLEM HAS A SOLUTION PROVIDED WE INTEND TO SEARCH FOR IT, IN MY FOLLOWING WRITE-UPS I SHALL ADDRESS SOME POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS. tks Like