01 December 2019 07:49

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE; SOLUTIONS. 7th step; 3 organisations like ED, FBI and Election Commission, though constitutionally are independent, but in actual functioning are not so. These must work like JUDICIARY, where though approval from the central government is essential, but still choice of the judiciary is accepted except where there are some serious points, which perhaps judiciary was not aware or ignored. The above 3 organisations must work independently like judiciary. These must set up their own SELECTION ORGANISATIONS like UPSC and also do formulate their own syllabus, code of conduct, aims and objectives, training for all and open examination for lower+medium scale posts in order to encourage efficiency. IN THEIR CONSTITUTION MUST BE MENTIONED THAT THESE ARE ORGANISATIONS TO TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLE AS A WHOLE AND SHALL NEVER BE ALLOWED TO DISCRIMINATE BETWEEN POLITICAL PARTIES, GOVERNMENTAL HEADS AND STAFF ETC. AND SHALL EXHIBIT TOTAL IMPARTIALITY AND JUSTICE. FOR LAPSES, IF ANY, THEY WILL BE REQUIRED TO HEAR, EXPLAIN AND TAKE DECISION, KEEPING IN VIEW THAT THEY ARE FINALLY ANSWERABLE TO JUDICIARY, PARLIAMENT AND PRESIDENT. tks