05 December 2019 01:41

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE, SOLUTIONS 9TH STEP; UPSC selects IAS, IPS, IRS, Medical cadres, who are governed and posted by the Central Government. It is good system but the problem comes as their postings and confidential reports are let to the choice of the ministers. As such cadre officers are dependent for their promotions and lucurious postings.Thus they get inclined to obey orders of the minsters and the Central Government whether legally. constitutionally, in terms of their duties etc. are permitted or not. In order to avoid this pressure and to seek favouritism , I think, A SEPARATE INDEPENDENT ORGANISATION LIKE UPSC IS CREATED which when and where need is expressed by the Centre or State governments etc.,they send their requirement to this Organisation, who in turn suggest 2-3 names for each post to the Central and State Government, as per their requirement each, with full details of experience, performance etc. of each. The Central and State Governments will have a choice to select from these 2-3 names and/or to ask for a few more names by reasons for those not opted and also with additional requirements for a few more ones,and then make a choice out of them, keeping in view that rejected is allowed one time only.As such the power to send cadre officers remain with the specified independent Organisation while the choice for selection remains with the Centre and States. As for performance of such cadre officers is concerned, they will be responsible to the ministers, chief secretaries of the ministries to ask for their replacement and write their confidential report every year as they deem fit. Such a report will be sent every year to the Independent Organisation in the form of recommendation and in no case mandatory, to decide about promotion of the concerned cardre officer(s) and to recommend his/her/(their) posting(s). I THINK CREATION OF INDEPENDENT ORGANISATION FOR EACH CADRE AS SELECTED BY THE UPSC OR BY THEMSELVES WILLBRING IN EFFICIENCY IN PERMANCE OF THE CADRE OFFICERS AND AS SUCH OUTSIDE PRESSURE AND/OR FAVOURITISM WILL BE AVOIDED. TKS