29 November 2019 06:47

DEMOCRACY IS A FARCE; SOLUTIONS; 6th step. Each and every party whether national and the state ones offer feebies make loud promises before election to lure the voters WITHOUT KEEPING IN VIEW HOW THE FUNDS WOULD BE RAISED. Thus after winning election either they fail to fulfill their commitments or put the exchequer at their end in DEBTS AND DEBTS and/or resort to increase taxes of all sorts and mostly resort to taxing the rich ones more and more. This practice discourages the rich either to avoid investment in the country or set up business ventures/industries outside the country. When this happens employment squeezes or stops generating jobs which creates agitation, revolts etc. HENCE TO ENCOURAGE BUSINESS AND GENERATE JOBS. NOW MOST OF THE COUNTRIES HAVE REALISED THIS FACT AND HAVE RESORTED TO REDUCING THE TAX SLABS FOR THE RICH AND ENTREPRENEURS TO ABOUT 20%. HENCE I THINK IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT AT THE CENTRE AND AT STATES LEVEL TO TAKE NOTE OF THIS FACT AND DO SOMETHING IN THIS DIRECTION. To me solution lies in the fact that CAG BE MANDATED TO TAKE MANIFESTOS/FEEBIES/PROMISES IN ADVANCE FROM THE CONCERNED PARTIES/STATES WITH CLEAR EXPLANATION WHAT FEEBIES/PROMISES THEY ARE INTENDING AND HOW THEY PLAN TO ARRANGE RESOURCES. AFTER CAG VETS THEIR PROPOSITIONS, ONLY THEN THOSE FEEBIES/PROMISES BE ALLOWED TO BE PUT IN THE MANIFESTOS. I am sure this procedure will avoid a lot of false promises to the voters and leave enough resources with the centre and states to spend enough for the welfare of the people. tk