21 October 2020 10:00

WAR OF WORDS BETWEEN DESTINY AND ACTION AS TO WHO IS STRONNGER ... destiny=luck and action=deliberation: these have been used interchangeable many a time , hence wheresoever action appears and thereafter it is mentioned deliberation these two must be taken as same. tks ........................................................ -KEHTAI HAIN MUKADAR HEE HAI SAB KUCHH AUR ISSKAI BINA PATA BHEE NAHIN HILTA -YEH SUNTA HOON MEIN BAHUT SAI LOGON SAI HAR VAKAT HEE -ZIYADA TAR UN LOGON SAI JINKO ZINDGEE MAIN TARAKEE MILEE HEE NAHIN -YAH ZINDGEE MAIN KHATAI REHTAI HAIN THOKRAIN HAR VAKAT -YEH SAB LOG KEHTAI HAIN -JAB BACHA PAIDA HOTA HAI -USKEE TAKDEER LIKHI JATEE HAI USSEE VAKAT -AUR YEH BHEE KEHTAI HAIN VOH -JO HUM NAIN KIYA HAI PICHHLAI JANAM MAIN HEE -USSKAI IVAZ MAIN DEE JATEE HAI TAKDEER HUM SAB KO HEE -LEKIN ISSKAI SAATH MAIN -APNAI KARMON KO SUDHARNAI YA BEEGARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -DIYAI JATAI HAIN HAR INSSAN KO 2 UPHAR (GIFTS) BHEE -DIL AUR DEEMAGH MAIN BHEE -SOCHNAI AUR FAISSLA KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -KYA ACHHA HAI AUR KYA HAI BURA -PHIR JO KARTA HAI HAR INSSAN -USKEE ITEHASS (HISTORY) LIKHEE JATEE HAI USSI VAKAT HEE -USKAI AGLAI JEEVAN KO BEETANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -LEKIN PHIR BHEE DEKHA GAYA HAI YEH ZAROOR -JO KARTAI HAIN KISMAT MAIN BHAROSSA -UNMAIN KUCHH TO BEETATAI HAIN ZINDGEE -JIS TERHA SAI GUZARTEE HAI YEH ZINDGEE -AUR KUCHH ROTAI REHTAI HAIN AUR KOSTAI REHTAI HAIN APNAI MUKADAR KO HAR VAKAT HEE -LEKIN DEKHA GAYA AB YEH BHEE -BAHUT SAI HAIN VOH LOG -JO KARTAI HAIN BHAROSA TADBIR MAIN BAHUT -KARTAI HAIN MEHNAT HAR PARKAR KEE YEH SAB -PHAL PATAI HAIN UNMAIN BAHUT SAI HEE -MAGAR KUCHH REHAI JATAI HAIN VOH BHEE PHAL JINKO MILTA HEE NAHIN -AB ISSMAIN KOYEE HERANI TO REH GAYEE HEE NAHIN -ASLIYATA MAIN DEKHTAI HAIN HUM SAB -INSSAN NAIN TADBIR KAI SAHARAI -BADAL DEE HAI YEH DUNIYAN SAREE -YAHAN TAK KEH -JO ZINDGEE JUREE THEE SANSON KAI SAHARAI GINTEE MAIN HEE -VOH BHEE BADAL GAYAI HAIN VICHAR SAB JOGA KAI SAHARAI HEE -ZINDGEE JO JUREE THEE SANSAON KAI SATH -AB JUR GAYEE HAI VOH MUSHAKAT(EXERCISE) KAI SATH HEE -HO SAKTA HAI KISMAT BHEE HAI APNEE JAGAH -KUCHH DEKAI GAYAI HAIN LOG -JO KARTAI HAIN MEHNAT BAHUT KUM -MAGAR MILTA HAI PHAL UNKO BAHUT KUCHH -KEH SAKTA NAHIN MEIN YEH KIYON AUR KISS LIYAI AISSA HOTA HAI HEE -HO SAKTA HAI MAGAR -KEH IN LOGON KA MUKABLA(COMPETITION) THA HEE NAHIN -YA VOH KARNAI LAGAI VOH KAAM -JINKEE ZAROORAT THEE USS VAKAT -YAH BANAYEE UN LOGON NAIN KOYEE CHEEZ AISSI -JO SAB LOG INTEZAR MAIN THAI HEE ZABARDAST USS VAKAT -KYA SACH HAI YAH SACH NAHIN -KISMAT TO KOYEE JANTA NAHIN -ACHEE YAH BUREE HEE -LEKIN TADBIR AUR MEHNAT DETAIN HAIN ZAROOR PHAL APNA -BAS AB HUM IN MAIN ULJHTAI HEE NAHIN -KISMAT BAREE YAH TADBIR BHEE -TAJARBA (EXPERIENCE) BATATA HAI HUMAIN -TADBEER AUR MEHNAT AGAR KARAIN GAI HUM -TO KISMAT MIL JAYAI GEE SHAYAID - ISS MAIN KOYEE SHAK HEE NAHIN -JO KARTA HAI VOHEE PHAL PATAHAI HEE -AUR JO KUCHH KARTA HEE NAHIN -JEETA TO VOH BHEE HAI APNAI MUKADAR KAI SAHARAI KHUSHEE MAIN BAHUT KUM -LEKIN GHAMEE MAIN BAHUT SARAI GUZARTAI HAIN SAB ZINDGEE APNI APNI -BAS ISS SOCH AUR VICHAR KA HAI NAHIN KOYEE ANT HAR INSSAN JEETA HAI APNAI APNAI VICHARON SAI HEE AKHIR MAIN KEH SAKTA HOON MEIN ITNA HEE TADBEER HAI HAI, TO HAI KISMAT USSI MAIN HAI TARAKEE AUR KHUSHEE BHEE, KISMAT KO NAN KOYEE JANTA HAI AUR NAN JAN SAKA HAI KOYEE, KAHTAI ZAROOR HAIN SAB JO HONEE HAI ZAROO HO KAI REHAIGEE, KAHAN TAK SACH HAI MEIN TO MANTA HOON HAHIN KISSI PRAKAR SAI HEE KIYOONKEH JO HOTA HAI, ZAROOR HOTI HAI USSKEE KOYEE VAJAH BHEE ZAROOR.. ................................................................. it is said destiny is determined by our previous actions and is decided at the time of one's birth. But it has been seen that those trust in destiny, they spend life as it comes about while some curse their destiny as well. But now we find that those who believe in action and act, they get the benefit, and also we find that is because of action, that is world has changed. It is said by those who believe in destiny that how many years one has to live depends on one's breathing -inhaling and exhaling - who now yogas has changed it altogether, in it is emphasised that the more one inhales and exhales, the stronger one becomes and as such longer one lives. Surprisingly we also see now, some who work less are rewarded more while on the other hand there are some who work hard, still continue suffering. Those who do less effort and are rewarded more, perhaps they launched some projects products of which were needed most, or there was less competition for their products etc. etc. But what is a fact is that no one know what is one's destiny but definitely knows if one works judiciously and hard, one will surely get results. Nonetheless even those who do not work much and depend on destiny, also live their life happily or unhappily,, depends on each individual attitude. Now to answer on the question whether destiny precedes action or action precedes destiny, I will say that it is action which precedes destiny as destiny is known. However it is said that whatever is to happen will happen and one can't do anything while I believe that whatever and whenever something happens, there is always some reason for that and one needs to search for the reason and find answer. tks ........................................................... narrated by vas dev loond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO 9811943867 - - - -