25 January 2020 10:46

DIALOGUE BETWEEN PARENTS AND CHILDREN IS BECOMING NON-EXISTANT. Why so? Answers perhaps lie in the facts.. YOUNGSTERS are mostly busy in cells,laptops, chatting with friends etc. while parents especially when both are working, come stressed due to work, travel, relationships, financial and household responsibilities, hardly find time to be free to be with children, listen to their whole day odds and/or narrations of their liking, they perhaps feel they have nothing to dialogue or have time to spend with the children, except to see and watch what they are doing, call them for dinner, there too, to discipline them in the manner they want and perhaps turn to casual talk, make them move into their rooms and get themselves engaged in household work, drag on to TV, cellphones etc. to keep busy each in his/her choice and thus after a bit of relaxation, get to bed. THIS ROUTINE IS NORMAL MODE OF LIFE IN MANY FAMILIES.......... AS FOR ADULTS AND GROWN-UPS ARE CONCERNED, they feel 1.there is nothing to share with parents, they are of old generation, their experience and guidance do not hold good with the present generation and environments 2. they are involved and stressed with their own problems and do not as such find time to be with parents and dialogue with them 3. at the most just to ask them, has the day been good etc. etc.4. share a few snacks or something else as the parents have prepared and/or of their liking and to skip off as early and as quickly as possible to relax and enjoy in the company of their friends, in relationship as boy-girl friends, drink and enjoy in restaurants, night clubs etc. 5. come to house late and just slip to their room, perhaps saying hello to parents who are perhaps awake in wait for the son or daughter. 6. parents want and wait to dialogue with their children, as such steal some congenial moment to be in the company of their children, REMAIN HOWEVER EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS talk only which pleases the children, which does not take much time and in no manner disturbs or annoys the children. THUS PARENTS BEING FREE WITH NO OR MUCH WORK, KEEP IN WAIT TO SEE WHEN THEIR CHILDREN WILL BE AT HOME, TALK OVER A FEW WORDS HOW THE DAY HAD BEEN, WOULD YOU LIKE TO EAT SOMETHING ETC. ETC. AND THEN GET BACK TO THEIR ROOMS FEELING GENERALLY SATISFIED THAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE THERE AND THEY HAVE SEEN THEM. ... CONTRARILY, CHILDREN IN STRESS, STRAIN,IN FEELING NOTHING TO LEARN FROM PARENTS WHO KNOW THE LEAST ABOUT THE PRESENT HUMAN BEHAVIOURS, HUMAN VALUES AND EVEN HUMAN CULTURE, IN FACT, THEY KNOWINGLY TEND TO AVOID DIALOGUE WITH PARENTS UNLESS FORCED SO AND ENGAGED IN WHAT THE PARENTS WANT TO TALK, EXCEPT BY THEMSELVES WHERE THEY HAVE THEIR PERSONAL INTERESTS. I feel the contact and dialogue between parents and children will become rare, except on some essential occasions and obligations. tks