13 December 2020 02:53

DIALOGUE IS THE BEST ANSWER TO MOST OF THE PROBLEMS ................................................................ -HAMAIN YAAD RAKHNA HOGA YEH ZAROOR -KYA LARAYEE JHAGRON SAI DUSHMANI BANAYAI RAKHNA HAI ZAROORIE YA NAHIN -ISS LIYA SAVAL PAIDA HOTA HAI YEH HEE -KYA HAI YEH ZAROORI JHAGARNAI AUR LARNAI SAI HEE SIRF FAISLAI HO JATAI HAIN SAB TAKLEEFON SAI NIPATNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -DEKHA GAYA YEH ZAROOR HEE -HAR EK INSAN APNAI APNAI FAIDAI KAI LIYAI LARTA REHTA HAI HAR PARKAR SAI HEE -DEKHA GAYA HAI ISSLIYAI HEE -YEH SAB KUCHH PANAI KAI LIYAI HEE -TAKATWAR KAMZOR KO KHATAM KARNAI MAIN HAR PARKAR SAI HEE -AUR YEH BHEE DEKHA GAYA HAI HEE -JAB HOTAI HAIN EK KUMBAI KAI BAHUT SAI LOG HEE -KHATAM KARNA CHAHTAI HAIN VOH BHEE KAMZOR KO HAR PARKA SAI HEE -AUR DEKHA GAYA HAI YEH BHEE -GROH BAN JATAI HAIN TAKATVAR, KAMZORON KO KHATAM KARNAI KAI LIYA HEE -LEKIN NAN BHOOLNA HOGA HAMAIN KABHEE -JAGRON SAI BANTEE HAI DUSHMANI HAR PARKAR KEE -JO UBHAR PARTI HAI KISSI NAN KISSI TARAH AUR KISSI NAN KISSI VAKAT ZAROOR HEE -TO KYA YEH HOTA NAHIN ACHHA GUFTGOO KAR LEE JAYAI HEE -LEKIN SAVAL PAIDA HOTA HAI YEH BHEE -LAYA JAYAI IN JHAGARTAI HUAI LOGON KO EKHATAI KAISAI HEE -SUNANAI AUR SAMJHANAI SAI HEE -YA CHHOR DAIN INKO LARNAI JHAGRNAI MAIN HEE -AUR JAB HO JAYAINGAI INKAI RESOURCES KHATAM -YA HO JAYAINGAI KUCHH NAN KUCHH LOG KHATAM IN JHAGRON SAI YA LARNAI MARNAI SAI HEE -HO SAKTA HAI TAB SAMAJH AA JAYAI IN LOGON KO USS VAKAT HEE -AAPAS MAIN EKATHAI BAITHNAI AND BAT CHEET KARNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -AUR IN SAB JHAGRON KO NIPTANAI KAI LIYA HEE -SHAYAD YE BHEE HO SAKTA HAI -SAMAJH AA JAYAI IN LOGON KO KO ZAROOR -KYA PAYA HAI HUM NAI ISS FATOOR AUR JHAGARNAI SEE HEE -KHO DIYA HAI HAM NAIN SAB KUCHH BADLA LAINAIN AUR DUSHMAN KO MITANAIN MAIN HEE -SOCH ANAI LAGEE -KYA YEH ACCHA HOTA NAHIN HAM KAR LAITAI BAT CHEET AUR KUCHH CHHORNAI KAI LIYAI HEE -BAS AB HO JATEE HAI BAAT CHEET KARNI ZAROORI KISSI JANNAI VALAI SAI, PRADHAN SAI YA VAKEELON SAI BHEE -BAS AB FAISLAI HO JATAIN HAIN SAB KUCHH KHONAIN KAI BAAD AUR SAMAJH ANAI KAI BAAD HEE -PACHHTATAI HAIN TAB YEH SAB LOG ACCHA HOTA YEH KEH HUM JHAGARTAI HE NAHIN -AUR KIYA JHAGRA HUM NAIN KABHEE -ACCHA HOTA HUM APNAIN JHAGRON KO NIPTA LAITAI GUFTGU SAI HEE. Natija nikalta hai yeh zaroor keh -koshish karain har parkar kee jhagron ko niptanai kai liyai -guftgu karai har parkar sai zaroor -ghamand aur badlai kee niyat chhor dain hum -agar nan kiya yeh agar -to barbad bhee ho saktain hum aur dushmani bhee lai saktai hain hum -aur agar kuchh chhorna bhee hai zaroor, chhor dain hum ussai bhee -rakhain yakeen hum apnain par bahut kuchh aur kamanai kai liyai aur nan barbad karain vakat apna yeh thora bahut panain kai liyai hee. ........................................................................i IN ENGLISH it is essential to remember that conflicts and fights bring nothing perhaps a little bit benefit and if that is calculated in comparison to time and money spent, many a time one remains a loser than a gain except that one fulfils one's pride in getting the prize, finishing the enemy by all means, never be able strike again. Despite one needs to remember that besides the intended gain, one does creates enmity which will possibly will develop into revenge by those who were fighting in conflict and/or by their siblings and it is possible one may remain in fear all the time. Hence it is essential that one must engage in dialogue and be prepared : -shun one's ego -to pass off if something is to be given and parted with -remain conscious that conflict will cause -wasting lot of resource, wasting time etc, and also to think and reflect whether it will not be worth to count on one's own strength to concentrate on one's work and possibly'one may earn more than by engaging into conflict and most important, earn and leave in peace. CONCLUSION; PREFER TO DIALOGUE AND DO ALL TO SETTLE THE PROBLEMS EVEN IF ONE IS TO LOSE SOMETHING INSTEAD OF WASTING TIME AND RESOURCES, ............................................................. by vasdevloond founder of marriage guidance new concept, cost free marriage bureau NGO, certified for copyrights to contact: vasdevloond 9811943867 vasdevloond@gmail.com www.marriageguidance.in www.facebook.com