08 October 2020 06:41

DIVESTING RESPONSIBILITIES AND HANDING THESE OVER TO THE WIFE. CAUTION; (1) it shall need trust (2) it shall need whether she is willing and has the capacity to accept all these, without feeling tired and without after thought (3) do not turn out to be a spectator and await reasons to criticise and ridicule (4) ensure what occupations you are assuming, how you will be spending your time and how you will be behaving in order that she does not feel aggrieved, exploited and as such explodes in anger (5) do not be like a watchdog, let her commit mistakes and take reasons to take back what you had planned to take back and just given those to await for the opportunity to highlight her failure: HENCE IT IS ESSENTIAL TO DISCUSS, WHAT YOUR WIFE LOVES TO DO WHICH MOSTLY SHALL INVOLVE HOUSEHOLD AFFAIRS FREEDOM TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS, FREEDOM TO BEHAVE WITH THE CHILDREN AS SHE LIKES AS ALSO WITH HER PARENTS BROTHERS AND SISTERS, FREEDOM TO ENJOY HER SOCIAL LIFE OF HER LIKING ETC ETC. WHILE THE HUSBAND WOULD LIKE TO BE IN THE COMPANY OF HIS OLD FRIENDS AND OTHERS OF HIS LIKING, GO TO CLUBS, ENJOY DISCUSSIONS, EATS AND DRINKS ETC. CONCLUSION; The best is how the husband and wife share their responsibilities, spend their maximum time together without feeling suffocated, allow freedom to each other to meet friends etc, be in the company of each one's liking IN ORDER TO ENJOY THE FREEDOM OF THEIR CHOICE and be in the morning, evening and at nights together. THUS WILL REMAIN THE BONDAGE AND FREEDOM which generally each one wishes and likes to enjoy Wife is the first and last-final trust, she is the best guide and advisor, she is the repository to count on in financial difficulties through her savings, jewellery etc. essential for those only who shed their ego.