01 April 2021 01:59

DIVORCE IS BECOMING COMMON, HOW TO AVOID IT, I HAVE SUGGESTIONS TO MAKE. There are many causes for divorce, without going into this subject, which is a lengthy one(which I have attempted and written down in detail separately), I think before getting into marriage, one must read and take to necessary precautions, which are summed up as (1) How to select a partner (2) Syllabus on pre-marriage education and guidance (3) MUST TAKE ENOUGH TIME, before or after engagement to acquaint fully well about each other in manner, habits, view-points, dealing with respective families, how and in what manner to own responsibilities after marriage, and how to make marriage fully compatible and of honest behaviours and understanding etc. IN EXTREME IF IT DOES NOT WORK OUT WITH FULL CONFIDENCE, I am of the view it would better to break the relationship/engagement than to get into marriage. tks