DIWALI GREETINGS 3-11-21.. 3-11-21

03 November 2021 04:11

DIWALI GREETINGS Diwali is the most celebrated and most awaited functions. It is celebrated by full of commotions and emotions. Houses inner belongs are cleaned, walls are white washed, all celebrations are done to do prayers in the form of Deepavali prayers. To enjoy happiness with relations, friends, acquaintance and at workplaces sweats are given/exchanged mostly by personal visits. Everyone does his/her best to be in family and with family members to participate in prayers and enjoy late evenings with best cherished drinks and dishes, prepared at home and/or called for delivery on order through restaurants etc. Quite a few especially the younger ones like to frequent outside in restaurants, clubs and hotels etc. The houses are lit as best as one can and doors are kept open to enable Laxmi to get to the house to offer blessings for the family and enable each and every one to accomplish his/her desires while at the same time many engage themselves and enjoy playing cards etc. in order to remain awake and await Laxmi to join them and offer her blessings. Unfortunately for the last 2 years covid-19 has created many frictions and fights in couples, families etc. AS DIWALI IS CELEBRATED TO ENJOY LOVE AND HAPPINESS, MY REQUEST AND PRAYER FOR THE FRAGMENTED COUPLES, FAMILIES AND ESTRANGED RELATIONS, CONTACTS ETC. PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS AUSPICIOUS OCCASION, MANAGE TO FORGET THE PAST, TAKE COURAGE TO MEET WITH FRAGMENTED RELATIONS/FRIENDS/CONTACTS ETC. AND DO ALL TO RENEW RELATIONSHIP OF LOVE AND ENJOYMENT. TO TAKE SUCH A STEP TO RE-ESTABLISH RELATIONSHIP OF LOVE, IT IS ESSENTIAL TO OVERCOME THE EGO (THE GREATEST ENEMY TO ENCOURAGE FRICTIONS ETC), MANAGE TO FORGET THE PAST BY ANALYSING AND REALISING THAT BREAKING RELATIONS AND GETTING INTO CONFLICTS ETC. HAS DONE NO GOOD RATHER HAS INFLICTED WORRIES AND REPENTANCE MANY A TIME, AND IF INSTEAD EGO IS SHUN, COURAGE IS TAKEN TO MEET THE ESTRANGED/FRAGMENTED PERSON(S), RELATIONS ETC.AND LET LIFE START GOING IN ENJOYMNT AND HEPPINESS THAN REMAING IN DISTRESS AND FINDING FAULTS ALL THE TIME. MY HUMBLE REQUEST, DEAR FRIENDS, PLEASE TAKE COURAGE, STEP INTO THE HOUSES OF THE FRAGMENTED/ESTRANGED RELATIONS, FRIENDS ETC. AND ENJOY THIS MOST CHERISHED FESTIVAL OF DIWALI IN TOGETHERNESS AND IN COMPANY OF EACH OTHER. Tks, my best wishes, blessings and prayers for you all to celebrate this DIWALI festival as best as you can in the manner you want and wheresoever you want. Truly your, Vasdevloond 3-11-21     HAPPINESS IS THE GOAL WHILE DIWALI IS THE BOOSTER, HAPPINESS EMANATES AND IS ENERGISED BY REMAINING UNITED IN THE FAMILY AND BRING ABOUT CORDIALITY AMONGST RELATIONS, FRIENDS AND HUMAN BEINGS AT LARGE. TO ACHIEVE AND BE SUCCESSFUL, ENVIRONMENTS PLAY THE PROMINENT ROLE TO CREATE THE GROUND AND INSPIRATION FOR THE GOAL, AND AS SUCH FESTIVAL OF DIWALI IS A GREAT INSTRUMENT TO BRING BACK HAPPINESS, ENJOYMENT AND LOVE FOR FAMILY, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, ESTRANGED AND BROKEN ONES. LET ME ON THIS OCCASION OF DIWALI WISH AND SEE YOU ALL IN HAPPINESS CELEBRATING DIWALI BLOOMING AND GLITTERING MUCH MORE THAN WHAT THE LIGHTS AND DIYAS ARE PRODUCING, FULL OF LOVE, IN UNITY AND UNION AND ILL-WILL FOR NONE. truly your