30 November 2021 05:43

DOES PUNISHING SOMEONE, CORRECTS HIM/HER. I will say rarely and seldom. If someone is convinced of the punishment, he/she will not comply and repeat it again and again. We are seeing the cases of rape, thefts etc. such cases are on the increase despite rigorous laws.We are finding law breakers are on the increase despite that challans are made, penalties are paid directly or through court. I believe such punitive measures perhaps have some corrections, but mostly these are disobeyed. Then according to me, answers lies in 1. DOING OBSERVATION as to why the person concerned is not accepting the rules and regulations which are made for the benefit of the public at large 2. EXPLANATION: to bring out what are the MERITS IN COMPLIANCE and 3. COMMUNICATION; to articulate with EXAMPLES and in the simple words which the person concerned can understand and feel convinced. 4. PERSUASION AND CONVICTION FOR COMPLIANCE; if still desired results are not getting through, then those mistakes/reasons must be analysed, discussed, to ensure that these are well understood and person concerned is convinced to comply with. I feel if such a method is applied, perhaps it will be possible to eliminate the causes for non-compliance and bring round the non-compliant to compliance by citing the merits of the rules and regulations. tks