DOWRY 14-3-21

13 March 2021 10:55

DOWRY: To avoid this problem I have drafted Syllabus on Pre-Marriage Education and Guidance, it is in the process of publication which I think will be worth reading, not only to clear doubts about marriage but also how dowry problems, family and assets problems, husband and wife relationship problems etc etc could be tackled in the most possible manner. I believe there lies solution to each and every problem provided one is inclined and determined to find a solution. tks   FAMILY CONFLICTS; 2nd step is DOWRY; in some communities amount is negotiated in advance while in others it is left to EXPECTATIONS In the negotiation to get into relationship and decide the amount, besides that those who can't afford find it difficult to get their daughter married and in expectation, when the boy and girl get married and the girl steps into the house of the husband, DOWRY IS SEEN AND EXPOSED, CRITICISM FROM MOTHER-IN-LAW AND RELATIONS COME POURING AND HEREON STARTS THE CONFLICTS.

THEN WHAT IS THE ANSWER IS A BIG QUESTION HOW TO SATISFY THOSE COMMUNITIES TO WASH OFF THEIR CUSTOMS AND TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN EXPECTATIONS. . answer: (1) if the boy is strong and really believes in LOVE, BELIEVES IN HIMSELF AND AS A COUPLE AND ALSO THAT UNION AND UNITY IN HOUSE WILL AUGUR WELL FOR ENJOYING HAPPY LIFE, MAKE PROGRESS AND EARN BY THEMSELVES WHAT EVEN COULD NOT BE COMPENSATED BY DOWRY, shall avoid such conflicts in house and outside (2) Love marriage emphasises on LOVE than dowry and as such besides that both the genders are able to know each other by their various meets before marriage, also DO NOT CARE FOR DOWRY AND THEIR MAIN AIM REMAINS LOVE AND NOTHING ELSE, that is why love marriage is getting prominence especially in poor and middle class families (3) DOWRY system I think came into practice to allow the couple to their