27 July 2023 09:53

DRAMATIC, DISTRESSING I FEEL WHEN I FIND THE BRIGHTEST COLLEAGUES, FRIENDS ETC. DID NOT SUCCEED IN LIFE. Maybe they succeeded in one and failed in other spheres of life. I am of the view that the brightest person has some supper intelligence, super capacity etc. to compete and excel. Then why it is so that such brightest persons remain mediocre in life. I think reasons could be many, for instance, 1. misfit in job 2. joining an organisation which could not progress 3. do not use intelligence to show their worth and perhaps believed that they must work no more than they get the salary 4. conflicts in family 5. conflict in married life. 6. wrong decisions in business and as such landing into losses 7. get dissipated by one or two failures and non-achievement of goals 8. fail to take risk maybe because of family bindings, maybe comparatively well settled in their job and do not prospect for jobs in other organisations 9. ill health 10. unwielding responsibilities in family 11. bickering, backbiting in work which leave them discouraged 12. assuming posture of superiority and thus getting into conflict with the boss etc. 13. in disgust not being rewarded for the work done, one may get into union activities which in many cases, land most of the persons in disturbance in house as also in the work place 13. deception and cheating by friends and relations,14. wrong company 15. there can be so many other reasons to retard the progress of such persons. TO ME IT SEEMS COMPETITION WAS THERE WHEN SUCH PERSONS OVER-PERFORMED AND GOT RECOGNITION, I AM SURE AT THAT TIME SUCH PERSONS WERE MOTIVATED BY THEIR GOAL AND WERE CONSCIOUS OF THEIR INTELLIGENCE AND EXTRA CAPACITIES, PERHAPS MATCHING FACILITIES AT HOME. and what has resulted in their real life, I think 1. they failed to use those extra qualities which helped them to shine at some stage or the other 2. failed to analyse the situation and take decisions accordingly 3. got entangled in family conflicts, place of work problems 4. made wrong decisions 5. remain afraid of taking decisions which are generally followed by criticism and risk taking, etc. etc. WHAT IS INTELLIGENCE, I think it is a superb tool gifted to a few, WHICH HELPS THEM TO MAKE USE IN ALL SITUATIONS, USE IN CRISES, ANTICIPATE THAT CRISIS DO NOT HAPPEN AND IF HAPPEN UNPREDICTABLY, SUPER INTELLIGENCE HAS NOT BEEN USED TO DISCERN THE CAUSES, LOOK FOR VARIOUS OPTIONS AND MAKE A DETERMINED DECISION. SUCH PERSONS GOT DISCOURAGED BY ONE OR TWO FAILURES, BUT DID NOT BELIEVE IN THE NARRATIONS THAT EACH FAILURE, FIRSTLY IT SHOULD NOT HAPPEN, IS A STEPPING STONE FOR SUCCESS AND ALSO DO NOT GET OVER THE FACT THAT EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKE AT ONE TIME OR THE OTHER IN LIFE, INTELLIGENT PERSONS DO NOT REPEAT MISTAKES WHILE MAJORITY OF THEM CONTINUE REPEATING MISTAKES AND CONTINUE REGRETTING. lesson. 1. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR EXTRA CAPACITIES 2. never get daunted by failures, look to reasons and arm yourself to fight for the goal 3. problems in life are natural and continue coming, if one takes the problems as natural happenings, keeps up a brighter view and puts more attention to not only to overcome but to turn these to the achievement of the desired goal, there is nothing in life to stop if one is determined,takes decision in right time, communicates in right and understandable expressions and swims over chaotic and unbelievable situations, the SO CALLED LUCK AND DESTINY ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE OF SUCH PERSONS AND I THINK, FACILITATE SUCH PERSONS TO SUCCEED IN ACTION AND ENJOY THE DESIRED RESULTS. tks