05 July 2019 01:02

EACH NEWLY BORN CHILD HAS WINGS, IS NOT SURPRISING. It is a fact. As the child starts growing, the wings he/she was born with, continue growing, some get strengthened while in some case these remain dormant and finally die natural death. THE WINGS GET TO GROW due to (1) in-born aptitude and qualities, (2) grow up by parents care and guidance (3) studies shape these up (4) society and environments encourage to mold these up (5) comparison with others helps to motivate (6) urge of not having, creates courage, strength and ambition to have at least what is called to live a comfortable life (7) power and prominence encourage further to reach the top etc. etc. SUCH A SITUATION I WILL CALL THAT WINGS HAVE DEVELOPED ENOUGH TO LET THE CONCERNED PERSON TO FLY(PROGRESS) in the same manner as the birds fly in the manner they want and to go where they want. ON THE CONTRARY, there are others who are lazy, have no ambition, remain content with what they have and/or continue regretting for their miseries and/or their destiny, allow their wings to weaken and finally die out. WHERE THERE ARE AMBITIONS AND MATCHING EFFORTS TO REALISE/ACHIEVE I have tried to categorise those HAVING DEVELOPED THEIR WINGS and those who do not harbour ambitions, I have categorised those WINGS DIED AND LOST. tks