11 August 2019 06:27

ELDER SON IS DEPRIVED OF HIS EFFORTS AND CONTRIBUTION EXTRA, COMPARED TO REST OF THE MEMBERS OF THE FAMILY, I had put in an answer, in my write-up and I do not know how many benefited from my thought process nor did I receive any comments. Though law permits all children whether sons or daughters are to be given equal share, but still I believe the elder son certainly and surely contributes a lot by services, owning monetary expenses and owning responsibilities from education to marriage etc. and as such for his contribution, sacrifice and deprivation of his comforts, he NEEDS TO BE COMPENSATED IN ADDITION TO REST OF THE CHILDREN. I therefore suggested that parents must give from their share to the eldest matching with his contribution to the family, and maybe to others also in proportion to their contribution to the uplift and progress of the family and to do this MOST IMPORTANT IS TO EXPLAIN TO ALL THE CHILDREN WHY PARENTS ARE DECIDING SO AND DO BEST TO PACIFY ILL FEELING OR CRITICISM WITH SPECIFIC REASON THAT THE PARENTS ARE GIVING THIS ADDITIONAL BENEFIT FROM THE SHARE WHICH BELONGS TO THEM. It is essential that parents do take this decision to avoid ill-feelings amongst brothers and sisters and if at all it emerges, they can, I feel, convince the rest and pacify them as otherwise I fear after the demise of the parents they will get to the court and estrange their relations for the sake of the money etc. tks