04 May 2021 12:51

FOR ENTRANCE INTO POLITICAL LIFE, EDUCATION IS A MUST FOR OUR LEGISLATORS AND MPS AND THE HIERARCHY IN POLITICS. For this purpose if feel one must be minimum a Graduate in whatever regional or national language one wants to be. It is essential to read and discuss what is going on in the legislatures and parliament and also it is more essential to be abreast with what is going on around, in other states, in the country and in the world. Media especially newspapers are of daily requirement to keep oneself update with present happenings and also to put forward one's views in the legislature and the parliament. HENCE READING AND WRITING TO THIS MINIMUM LEVEL OF GRADUATION I THINK IS ESSENTIAL AND MUST BE MADE COMPULSORY FOR ELECTION TO THE LEGISLATURES AND PARLIAMENT while for panchayats, local councils etc, reading and writing upto 10th etc. could be workable. Education is also important for the one who is entering politics, as sooner or later one would like to assume higher responsibilities like ministers, speaker, cm, pm etc. and for that EDUCATION IS ESSENTIAL.It is essential we who have the same thinking must develop that consciousness and perhaps reach to the Election Commission to think of implementing it. tks