14 May 2020 06:45

ESSENTIAL TO PLAN FOR OLD AGE TO AVOID REGRETS AND LIVE WISHFUL LIFE. OLD AGE IS FULL OF WORRIES which normally shouldn't as by that time one fulfills all one responsibilities, children get adult and live their life as they want, then why so', is a big question: I think (1) personal safety (2) personal maintenance if not planned and managed already (3) to deal with the children and assets allocation/distribution (4) deception by relations/friends/trustees etc. (5) ill health (6) family feuds (7) conflicts and litigations (8) reflextion as to what life is worth (9) repentance and regrets what one wanted to do but did not happen, who to curse - fate,God, self, or someone else while in most cases it is the family which becomes the cause of worries. Question arises should one live and meet an end in worries, or there is some solution to it. Answer: 1. I think first of all is TO KEEP GOOD HEALTH 2. develop attitude not to worry 3. believe in what I could do I have done to the best of my ability and means 4. My responsibility was towards my own family and my children, all have grown up and are settled in their life and are living in the manner they wish for or as it is happening 5. let they be not my worry any more and that I have now to look after my life and enjoy the rest of my old age with my wife 6. have reserved enough resources to live by in the manner I want, in travel, get to religious places, congregations of my belief, read or write, do social work in full freedom as I like. I think it is this POSITIVE THINKING that I have done the best for my family as I could 2. attitude to bear no regrets when and what are not done as also how the children are living and managing 3. to think and work on as to how I could live worriless and happily will go a long way to forget worries and instead to put in all efforts to ensure that one lives a happy life for the rest of one's old age. Then may despite all this do come fear of one's safety.1. I will say the simplest one shall live the better it will be, keep the belongings in the house as little as are essential to live with, enjoy and relax 3. to keep cash minimum and or credit cards with limited amounts encashable, keep jewellery for name sake 4. if still some mis-happening happens, give in whatever is there and never to resist 5. as precautionary measures, keep police, neighbourers and family/relations phone numbers with you to use if there is time to use. ONE MUST UNDERSTAND, WORRIES ARE NOT THE ANSWER, THESE ARE DESTRUCTIONS THAN CONSTRUCTION, AS SUCH ONE PUTS IN ALL ONE'S ENERGIES HOW BEST TO LIVE THE REST OF LIFE FORGETFUL AND IRRESPECTIVE OF WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE. tks