FAMILY FEUDS 20-2-21 FAMILY CONFLICTS 13--3-21.. 16-3-21 return of couple to their house. 5th 18-

04 April 2021 12:22

FAMILY FEUDS ARE COMMON AND MOST OF THE PARENTS HEAVE THEIR LAST WITH HEAVY HEART. Reasons seem to be (1) jealousies amongst family members in behaviour of parents with their children and in most cases, the youngest and the weaker is more loved by parents (2) father's lack of open discussions with children especially sons (3) distribution of properties and handing over reins of business to one, considered by others as neglect of their contribution towards the rise of the family and possibly accused of favouritism which could be because parents had leaning for the one whom reins are given because they are living with that son/daughter, are being loved and taken care as the parents wish for, while the others because of jealousies and/or because of their wives behaviour (4) clashes of parents with their children for one reason or the other, mostly which are because of ego and lack of respect (5) lack of father's realisation that their children have grown adult and want their independence rather than being questioned, admonished, threatened as if they were still small children (5) failing to accept secondary role to their children and failing to transform themselves to the new situations especially in their old age, (6) failure to plan (7) fear to face family members and being accused of favours and/or imposition of their views,verdict as final, etc etc. ANSWER: (1) one must plan in advance (2) gradually let their views passed on to family members to know, discuss and get reconciled (3) avoid favouring one against the others and go in primarily by what the law stipulates (4) learn and take courage to talk, communicate with children to justify their views (5) without any favour look to the capabilities and need of each member of the family to dole out their own share in the manner they want, maybe as per contribution by each member for the rise of the family, help and love being rendered in old age by one and his family and not by others (6) get bold and be prepared to face their families members, allow them vent their feelings, shun ego, persuade to justify their decision and be prepared to accommodate the views of each member to the extent felt feasible and garner their influence as parents, to enable reconcile the accusing/warring family members and to make them understand that FIGHT WILL LEAD THEM TO DESTRUCTION, BREAK LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP AND WHAT FOR, FOR FEW MATERIAL GAINS, BETTER COUNT ON THEIR OWN STRENGTHS, AS ALSO BELIEVE THAT PARENTS ARE JUSTICE AND LOVE GIVER OF WHATEVER THEY HAVE EARNED DURING THEIR LIFE TIME AND MERIT TO BE LOVED AND SEE THE FAMILY UNITED AND HAPPY TILL THEIR LAST DAY OF LIFE. (7) MUST BE READY TO FACE THE SITUATION RATHER THAN LEAVE THE FAMILY MEMBERS IN JEALOUSIES, FIGHTS AND GETTING INTO LEGAL BATTLES. comments