15 March 2020 06:35

FAMILY PROBLEMS 3rd stop HONEY-MOON, CHARTER OF DEMANDS, DISCUSSIONS, CLARIFICATIONS AND COMMITMENTS; ...I feel after marriage the wife must remain in the house of the husband for a few days whereby she will be able to know how the family especially the mother-in-law behave, whether she is being liked criticised, how her husband is accommodating her and taking care of her with none so near except her husband, HONEYMOON as such will give an opportunity for appraisal of the situation, enable her(the wife) to prepare her charter of aspirations, demands and commitments to wash off her doubts, inconveniences etc. and will do her best to get clarifications and commitment to future course of action to enable her to get settled in husband's house comfortably. CHARTER OF DEMANDS in general shall relate to the followings: (1) confirmation to previous commitments (2) discussion on new developments with regard to husband's behaviour, his family members, especially her mother-in-law (4) in preference to live in a micro unit (5) if husband lives in a rented house, prefer that the husband moves down near to the work place of the wife's,house to enable her to give some time to household affairs (6) to wash off previous relations, if any, of contacts, liking etc. (7) to find time before or after dinner to move out to chat and to discuss issues/problems (8) to communicate and explain that our love will be reciprocal as both have more or less same emotions and desires (9) shall discuss and get committed that all decisions in general will be joint (10) will bear no gender bias as this will be destructive to Happy Relationship(10) to decide on Division of Work which in general will be that for outside and in society, husband is President(master) while the wife accepts to take the role of Vice President (obeyance and compliance0, and for HOUSE-HOLD AND IN-HOUSE DEALINGS LEFT TO THE WIFE as a sole commander, in consultation or without (11) both shall believe, work in unity and cohesion for (a) caring-sharing(b) frank and honest communiation (c) what we discuss and decide remain personal and secret to us both and none of the member of the family, relations, friends shall know about it (d)all we discuss together about life building and progress (e) both shall do all efforts to accommodate each other and each one shall soften his/her attitudes, manners and habits etc,(f) Peace and Happiness shall remain our PRIME GOAL and we both commit to do the best possible never to give any scope for doubt or disbelief (g) we both shall look to and do our best to keep both the families satisfied and respected (h) shall do our best to adjust our work plans and do best to find enough time to spend with each other etc. etc. THESE SEEM TO ME THE INITIAL TEETHING PROBLEMS, IF SETTLED OR COMPROMISED IN THESE EXCLUSIVE HOURS OF HONEYMOON, such steps will go a long to lead the life smoothly and as the time passes, more and more happy and joyous. tks